Just Once I Want To Drink A Hot Cup Of Coffee

Just once I would love to get through an entire, hot cup of coffee, without the need to microwave it to heat it up again.

The coffee finishes brewing into my cup, and I go to sit down to continue working and the phone rings.  After I deal with the matter on the phone, the dog is whining at the door to go outside.  SIGH and off to get her leash and take her outside to piddle.  I am convinced her ability to find just the right spot is somehow relative to the cold outside and if I bothered to put a coat on before venturing out of the door.  That and the fact that a nice, steaming cup of java sits waiting next to my laptop and paperwork.  Finally, after 20 circles and pacing, she returns to the very place she started, the same one she used the last 6 times we came out, and does her business.

Upon returning to the warmth of the house, I suddenly realize I, too, need to go.  I assume this is the power of suggestion as I have yet to consume enough coffee or other liquid so far this morning to really have need to empty my bladder.

Now the phone rings again.  I don’t know who the call actually is, they are seeking someone who no longer works for us as he passed away in November.  Seems it was a call of a personal nature, either way not at all related to our business.  Not certain how they came to have the business number but whatever the source they now know he is no longer able to take calls and we end the conversation.

Now? The coffee is room temperature, which is not at all suited for drinking. Grrrr….so off to the microwave I go to reheat it.  While it is warming I get side tracked in my work and a while later realize I could sure use that cup of coffee that was just….well where is the darn thing?  I go on a hunt for my stray cup and eventually realized that it is sitting in the microwave, back to room temp now as I had forgotten it.  Reheat!

Oh well, from an entirely different perspective…I love my dog and I’m so thankful for her in my life.  I have coffee to reheat, which not all can say on any given day.  I have indoor plumbing which beats an outhouse hands down!  And then there is the microwave, which frankly rocks my world some days.

Okay so I’m thankful, for every cup of coffee I am able to consume, no matter how many times they end up on reheat.


  1. yes! I had the heating pad thing too — it ROCKS!!! You have to get one. Amazing.

    Once when I was a new mother – again – with baby #2; it took me an entire day to make and drink a cup of tea. no kidding.

  2. I’m one of those weird people that will drink coffee at any temperature. But there are some times when it’s best hot. I actually found this really cool gadget on amazon. It’s just like those cup warmers that we’ve all seen, except that it plugs into a usb port on my laptop and has 4 additional usb ports on it with an on and off button for the warmer pad. Very handy.

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