Waking In A Winter Wonderland

1608969_583783925040469_2049936554_nYes I did know it was supposed to snow over night.

It was supposed to be 2-4 inches last I heard before crawling in next to my Knight in the bedchamber of the man-castle.

Okay all female jokes aside regarding ‘size’, that looks like a LOT more than 2-4 inches of snow out there.

Sigh…but it really IS very beautiful and I don’t have to go out today so I shall sit here with my laptop, Kindle, and Keurig and enjoy it.

The only bad part was my honey had to be up at 3am for work, outside in this glorious mess, means no snuggling in when I first woke up.

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is on a morning when it snows? It’s like it insulates from the noise, and before you part the blinds to peek out you know it snowed a lot due to the peaceful silence.  The view in the half inch between slats makes you pull the cords and raise the blinds, and the view is breath taking.  For just a moment it’s like being a child again, before the realities hit about what all this means if one needs to venture out there.  For me, it is only to take the poor dog out, and when you are as little as a Yorkie it is quite disturbing to see that when the door opens.  She is such a trooper though, she went out on the driveway to do her business.  The home owners association will plow, shovel and otherwise have us dug out,  once it stops coming down.  Her little evidence will be scooped away and no one will be any the wiser.

The day ahead holds lots of mundane things to do. Laundry, clean litter boxes, maybe run the vacuum.  But then there is the baking of chocolate chip cookies, which already has been given a double thumbs up from young Einstein.  The Nestle Toll House kind today.  Because being a step-monster requires one to do sweet things like warm the house with the oven at times to bring forth gooey goodness for the kiddos.  I just wish it wasn’t so crappy out, I miss my grandkids and would run some fresh baked goodness to them as well just so I could cuddle the snugglebugs!  Little man is starting to walk, making 4 or 5 steps before landing on his diapered tush.  And Little Red needs to teach grandma how to use those darn rubberband looms so I can teach the step-daughter, Miss Thang, how to do it.  Sure, I can learn on YouTube but it isn’t the same as spending time with my granddaughter.

Ah well, I will work on my novel, that should keep me busy between the loads of Mt. Washmore and the cookies.  🙂

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  1. The sound of the plow coming round the corner, and the shrieks of “mom, mom it SNOWED!!!” were my alarm this morning. But in theory, yes — usually a snowy morning is more subdued. no is anxious to get moving anywhere; especially on a Saturday. And in spite of their early morning enthusiasm, none of my kids wanted to actually go out and play in said SNOW! LOL

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