In The Heat Of The Night

I’m currently sitting at the dining room table.  Next to me is a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream, with chocolate filled Oreo cookies crumbled on top.  Next to that is a cup of Keurig Cafe’ Escapes – Cafe’ Mocha.  Because right now I NEED an escape.

Nothing says love on me like a kitten in heat.  Especially when it strikes suddenly, in the night.  She is the only cat not yet having been in to see the vet for a spay.

catheatun8I wasn’t really paying attention to her age, she is about 6 months old now.  And wouldn’t you know it, she goes in heat at this very inopportune time.  She also was battling diarrhea for about 24 hours, perhaps connected to the ‘cycle’ she is in.  This hit at a rather inconvenient time as well.  That was during the initial night of heat.  It resulted in my hormone crazed, looking for love kitten crapping her brains out.  Being a Persian, she has long hair.  A cat with loose bowels and long hair is a bad combo.  Said feline, trying to relieve the intense longing in her kitty loins by rubbing herself all over everything and anything she can find, combined with those less than solidly formed down loads, resulted in cat poop in places in the house that it did NOT belong.  I won’t go into detail but can I get a great big amen for carpet cleaners?  Thankfully it was in a isolated location.

She sees the vet on Friday in prep for her to have surgery to spay and de-claw the front paws.  Meanwhile, she is in the master bathroom with her food, litter box and fresh water.  This means no one can use the palace porcelain throne without being circled by Skyler with her tail high in the air and singing the love song of a cat who very much wants to get her a little some some.  This does not bode well with my beloved Knight, as sharing such personal moments is not high on his list.  Especially with one who insists on clawing and nibbling his toes while he goes.  It frankly creeps him out.

Sleep is in pieces at the moment too, as this little serenade of longing is sung at the top of her lungs,  ALL night long, and it is not really annoying unless it is 3am and you want to actually SLEEP.  I learned that I can tune it out once I am past the point of exhaustion.  The throwing herself against the bathroom door, not so much.  But if we let her loose in the room for the night she won’t leave us alone because she is horny, and looking for love in the wrong places.  Our bed, on our heads, biting at our feet and otherwise trying to purge her body of this pent up, restless need.  If I put her in the cage, she cries and sings and poops in the cage.  I cannot win this one.

One of the other cats is running around here this evening looking like she lost a fight.  Her one eye is irritated and draining.  Joy.  She will hopefully be okay as I just don’t have time to make 2 vet runs this week, let alone the money.  This is like having kids all coming down with something!

The 3rd cat? She is being picky about food.  She has a real love for canned stuff, and is turning her nose up at the dry food.  Too bad, so sad baby girl.  I am not up for the wet stuff right now.  Maybe tomorrow.

All this while the polar vortex blew through this side of the country, plunging the temperatures to below zero highs, with wind chills of -25.   In the fire and water restoration business this screams work in abundance, as pipes burst, homes flood, and we’ve been running non-stop at work for 3 solid days.  My crews have had very little sleep, we’re all wishing we could clone ourselves about 8 times over, and everyone is just a little on edge.  Thankfully we all share an incredibly warped sense of humor and we’re managing to laugh, a lot, through the chaos.  I’ll be pulling some weekend hours.  Praise the Lord that the temperatures have risen.  Though driving home with snow coming down rather hard, in the dark, being night blind and exhausted from the long day, well that part sucked.

Hence, I really needed that hot cup of escape!


  1. you haven’t seen heat in the night get me some kitty love, until you’ve spent the night on a farm that has about 25 cats! oh my. it’s like a symphony of Soft Kitty, Love Me Now in stereo. and who can spay 25 female cats? or the however many number of tomcats that are lurking around too. And then…..all the kittens that will of course show up soon. oye.
    It’s a no win for sure — you need the cats to keep the mice away. And coyotes tend to come get them in the night often, so you always need quite a few cats.
    So….horny kitties……and coyotes howling.
    talk about your hot summer nights! haha

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