Saturday Morning Coffee Musings

Coffee cup with steamAh the peacefulness of being the only person awake in the morning.   It won’t last, I expect young Einstein (the 11yo genius son of my Knight) to come traipsing on down the stairs any moment.  The hush will be sustained, as he will jump on the computer and play games, but it won’t be just me and the critters any longer after that moment.  I enjoy his company in the mornings, he is funny.

I have been awake for going on 2 hours now, as the dog pulled me from my slumber with her whimpering this morning.  It had definite urgency to it and after ignoring past such sounds coming from my chubby little tail wager, I knew better than to roll over and pretend I was sleeping.  That particular tone carries with it the message that disaster is approaching, DEFCON 5, red level threat is eminent.  I swear I couldn’t move that fast if the house were on fire!  All is well, we made it outside with time to spare, so much so in fact that she was able to walk in 16 circles before finally making her little deposit in the snow.  Which reminds me I need to get out there and clean up yesterday’s and today’s downloads before the big snow storm hits tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to the snow (yes I have taken complete leave of my senses) but not the cold.  We are getting hit with single digits and below zero temperatures for a few days along with all the snow that will fall.  That is the kind of cold that is very dangerous and I am not at all thrilled with that part.  But watching it snow and transform the world into a beautiful wonderland, that I enjoy, from inside with a cup of coffee, all warm and toasty.  Wearing my Hello Kitty slippers.  Let’s give it up for cable, Netflix and Amazon Prime, which will make being snowed in more fun.  Oh and Kindle, which mine is loaded for bear when it comes to having things to read.

The best part of tomorrow is that the Bengals are in the playoffs, and will take on the Chargers in The Jungle.  Home games are best and maybe, just maybe, we can get to the Superbowl.  Not holding my breath but that would indeed be cool.  I’ll be camped here with the Knight, in my jersey, my socks (one orange, one black) and watching the game.  Lots of good food and a clean bathroom.  Winter can bring it, we’re ready.  I did my every-other-week grocery shopping yesterday, unaware that this big storm was coming.  We’re stocked up and not on milk, eggs and bread, though we did need those items.  My pantry is full up, so is my freezer.

Well the household has come to life, so I suppose I should move myself to the shower now.  It’s only been 3.5 hours since I was out front with the dog, having made breakfast in between writing and getting more coffee.  I’m moving slow, it is Saturday after all.

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  1. I had the same problem with Patches. But I would wake up to the sound of her lapping up the pee she had just let loose with. I have no idea why she does that, but to solve little Miss Pissy Pant’s problem I started taking the water up at 7 in the evening and now I don’t have to worry about that little sleep interrupter. And believe it or not, I actually read an article on the “circling” that dogs do before they “cop a squat”. Seems that they are aligning themselves with the earth’s gravitational pull. I know, sounds weird, but that’s what the article said.
    My son is over the moon about the Bengals. He’s always been a big fan, and living so close to DC, he gets a lot of grief over them, but he’s stuttin his stuff lately. I actually haven’t been too afraid to wear my Bengals t-shirt to school on Monday’s lately. Not that I like them, but it does give me one less wardrobe decision, and it makes my kid happy.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing a little of the “white death” myself. I’m never going to move back, but if I could transport myself there for the day I would. Afterall, it’s sunny here this morning and will be close to 79. The nights are cool enough for my favorite quilt, but nice enough for shorts and t-shirts during the day.
    Thank you so much for the re-post of my blog on facebook. YOU ROCK !!

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