Half Of North America Is At Wal-Mart On 12/23

I swear I am not exaggerating, fully half of North America was in Wal-Mart last night.  And not at all Wal-Mart’s combined, just the one I happened to need to pop into last evening to finish off my Christmas shopping.  I could have sold my parking spot when I left, because it was actually a pretty good one, as the parking karma was on my side when I was roaming the lot looking for an empty spot.  Inside was a mad house.

992767_567021550050040_421129446_nThankfully I was able to find exactly what it was I came in there for, but not before tolerating obnoxious teenage boys in a pack moving around the store annoying people on purpose.  Actually it wasn’t just them, it seemed to be “take your annoying child to Wally World” night.  Add to that the annoying adults.  The lady behind me was going off about some TV she ordered on Thanksgiving, that she came to pick up tonight, and that was NOT the one she had ordered and she was now “so *&^%ing pissed off” blah blah blah.  I had found the one check out lane that had NO one in it because I was willing to look.  Most folks were about 20 deep in the first few lines, and the rest of the open registers had 4 to 5 folks.  I kept poking my head around and spotted the empty one.  I believe I did hear a choir of angelic beings break out in song at the discovery.  That was quickly drowned out by Miss *&^%ing pissed off.  But I unintentionally got even.  Seems when you purchase Visa gift cards each has to be rung up as a separate sale.  So, those with my other purchases equaled 4 individual orders.  She was fit to be tied, grabbed the pants she was purchasing and went off to another register.   Merry Christmas there Happy Pants!!

While I wasn’t able to spend a LOT of money, I was able this year to take care of getting a little something for my parents, my kids, grandchildren, my honey and his kids.  And I’m very pleased with what I was able to do.  Next year I will do more, Lord willing.  I’m doing that 52 week saving chart challenge.  My mom did it this year and had money all saved up for the holidays when they hit.  I figure that is the way to go, only I will be doing 2 accounts, one for Christmas and one for my daughter’s wedding dress.

I did spend a tiny bit of money on something I wanted, but it was for the man-castle family.  We needed an ornament for all of us living in this household, so I blew a bit to have this one personalized.  But it was worth it.  New beginnings need something new to commemorate them.

This morning I woke to the sound of the doggie whimpering to go outside, where I found we were covered in a dusting of snow.  This further added to the feeling of Christmas I’m carrying around.  All my trees are lit up, my coffee is hot and the cup is full.  Time to wrap everything!