Our Vibrating Bed

Here in the man-castle we have a nice, queen size bed, nestled there in our large bedroom on the second floor of the palace.  It is a very nice room, very comfy and one of my favorite rooms of the house.  That nice, warm, comfy bed, it seems, is of the vibrating variety.  I had not noticed this was the case in the beginning of this relationship.  In fact for months I’ve slept there all snug and warm with my Knight, completely unaware that our bed had such setting on it.

magic-fingers1-285x300There is no quarter slot anywhere, or a start button to get the bed into it’s quivering mode.  But recently, during the night time hours when all is still within the walls of our home, our bed will begin to shake.  I noted that the Knight was not having seizures so that was not the cause.  I also ruled out demonic infestations.

So, the source of this bizarre pulsating of the royal mattresses?

Well, it weighs in in 11.5 pounds (3.5 pounds heavier than it should be).  It’s furry and has 4 legs.  It is our adorable little Yorkie, Penny.  Recently she has been permitted to sleep on the bed as she remains within the community property area of our sleeping place.  That would be any area that our feet or heads or bodies are not occupying.  She is a wonderful foot warmer, all snuggled up in her blankets.  And she never causes either of us an issue.  At least unless she develops an itch in the night.  At that time she sits up and begins scratching with her hind leg in rapid movements, so hard that the bed begins to shake, rattle and roll.

Ha!  Bet that isn’t what  you thought when you read the title of this post!


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