last chanceI know, my wonderful readers, I’ve neglected my page. I’ve been busy busy busy, but I will update you all soon!!

Meanwhile, I’ve been working one of my many direct sales businesses, Jewelry In Candles, and LOVING it.  I signed up FREE.  NO minimums on sales, so it’s even better.  30% commissions were something I wasn’t passing up.  And I started building a team.

Well now, free signup for reps is ending.  They did a 90 day recruit drive and now, on 11/15 it is OVER.  SO, if you are interested in making a little money for the holidays (direct deposit of your checks on the 15th and 30th of the month) do NOT hesitate.  Go to my store to sign up ( click on “become a rep” by my photo).  I would LOVE to have YOU on my team!  If nothing else, you save 30% on your own purchases, and these candles make dynamite gifts.  Each jewelry piece is worth $10 – several thousand dollars.  And you/your customers can pick your ring size, or pick a necklace or earrings as your jewelry surprise!