I May Need Intervention

Walks up to the podium dragging multiple bags of various colors, designs and sizes, loaded down with all sorts of goodies.  Head hanging but wearing a mischievous grin.  


*waves ethusiastically*

“My name is Marti, and I am MARVELOUS!”

Okay that is a likely place I am headed, to a direct sales anonymous group.

Those bags I’m dragging? LOADED with goodies like cosmetics, fashion, essential oils and diffusers, and now?  CANDLES WITH JEWELRY IN THEM!!!

I MIGHT have a slight addiction to direct sales.  I cannot help it I LOVE running my own businesses and selling cool stuff.

My companies?



and now……

Click on my Facebook badge below to enter!!!!
Click on my Facebook badge below to enter!!!!

Jewelry In Candles

I know, I’m pathetic.

I cannot help it though, when I find a quality product that can help supplement my income I just have to give it a shot.  This one was great, it’s FREE to be a rep so it was a no brainer.  No kit to buy, they give you a website and it’s up and running in 5 minutes.

I’m SO excited because unlike the big name out there, we sell tarts too for those warmers that melt wax.  OH and you can pick your ring size OR to receive a necklace or earrings in  your candle!!!

That sold me immediately as, while my daughter has purchased several of the big name one, their rings are one size, TOO BIG.  She has cute rings but none fit her tiny fingers and it costs more money to have them sized.

JIC candles & tarts (aroma beads coming soon) allow you to pick your own ring size or other piece of jewelry and like the other, all items are worth between $10 and several thousand dollars.  There are reviews on my store website you can see, (video!) even one by a blogger who tests out and recommends various products.

In the interest of showing folks how awesome they are, I’m offering a 25% discount on your first order.  No matter how few or many, get 25% off by using the code:


It only works one time per customer.

Our candles (soy!) burn clean.

SO head on over and check them out.  OR if you want to be a rep yourself (the commissions are great!) you can sign up right on my page.  Don’t worry when you get to the end there is no charge of any kind for signing up.  Then sell them, any way you like through one on one or parties.  Lots of training and materials for marketing are in your account.

OH and I’m giving one away on my Facebook page.  Just go there and you have 3 possible entries, one for liking the page, one for commenting on the post, and one for sharing the post on your Facebook page.  Once the winner is selected (contest ends 10/10/13 – winner announced 10/11/13)

I will let that person select their candle and jewelry choice (and size if it is a ring).

Jewelry In Candles With Marti

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