Reading The Tea Leaves

Okay I’m not really reading them.  I have no clue how to read tea leaves and not even sure…okay I do NOT believe you can ascertain anything at all from tea leaves in your cup except perhaps that the tea bag broke and perhaps you should start with a fresh one and a rinsed cup.

IF you could, in fact, read the tea leaves in advance of things this week, you would have told me to stay tucked in bed.  You’d have seen:

*There was to be an allergy attack that is so severe I lost my voice and cannot control the snot factory which was once my sinus cavity.  It sucks at levels I cannot begin to share, and I am still feeling the effects.

*The medication I opted to take to help me actually breathe again, something I’m rather fond of doing, not only would give me creepy dreams, but would annoy my lower GI track.  Enough said.

*That the odds of my getting past level 63 in Candy Crush Saga this week are about that of hell freezing over or the Bengals going to the Superbowl this year.  And yet…I did it just a few minutes ago by total fluke.  Maybe there is hope for the Bengals?

*Perhaps 24 more hours in a day, ones that I could devote entirely to my own pursuits, would be a HUGE benefit.

*I need to do that calendar blocking thing not only with work, and my 2 direct sales businesses, but for reading, and for writing my book.

*Writing a book is a big hairy deal for me…and yes some of you who read my blog (my less than friendly stalking drama queens) will be in the book.   Maybe more than one of the books in fact.

I am in a mood to write so I am sitting here in my jammies with my Chamomile tea and pondering big and important stuff like Shittens.shittens1   Yes, it is exactly what you think if you let it sink in, a mitten for cleaning up poop.  At first, I got a huge kick out of it thinking it was not real.  But alas, it seems it IS real.  I see stocking stuffers for Christmas this year.  In fact after getting my CNA and considering, of late, looking at part-time work in a nursing home (believe me they wipe a lot of tush there), I cannot help but wonder if this isn’t a product every nursing home NEEDS!

You can check out the website –> HERE  <– and now don’t you wish you would have thought this one up?  Honestly the website is such a hoot,  But then I have a warped sense of humor.

Okay time to end the rambling.  I just needed to get some writing out of my system.  It is now time to go curl up in my bed with my Kindle, the dog, a glass of wine, and some 31 Oil in the diffuser.  Because I have no idea which oil I want, and with 31 essential oils blended together, one of those is bound to hit the mark.


  1. You have less than friendly snarky readers? Drama Queens? There is only room for one queen and it’s the one that owns the beer tab crown! Actually I made mention in a book. Fellow Blogger Momma Fargo’s second book.. The Boogie Man is my Friend, the Rookies

    • Drunk, hit the wrong button before I was done rambling. Anyway I wanted to say… you can leave me out of your book. It embarrasses us Queens when we see our romps and rolls in print.. he he..
      Now, where did I put those Shittens..???

      • LOL I love having snarky readers! Drama queens mean someone is thinking and talking about me. Which, being a princess, I LOVE attention!

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