Friday Confessional

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Confession time!

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I confess…

Silly things can really annoy the crap out of me.  Example:  it rained this week and while driving along I noticed this line across the windshield every time the wipers passed by.  There was this tiny, itsy, bitsy twig under the wiper.  Actually more likely a leaf stem.  In no way was it impeding my ability to see, but it was not making for a nice, clean wipe each time.  It bugged the snot out of me and then when I tried to reach out and grab it, it was too far from my hand.  Since it was raining I wasn’t getting out of the car to get it.  Later, when I was on the way home from work, and then yet another day, I noticed it again, having forgotten to get it when I stopped. grrrrrrr…..

I confess…

I’m PMSing.  If it is sugary, sweet, laden with fat and super high in calories…yeah I’m on it and it is SO going in my mouth.  Candy, cookies, dry Captain Crunch cereal….and the ‘edge’ is there but I’m controlling it.  So far, so good. No bodies to bury or hide.  Just need about 10 hours and I’ll be good.

I confess…

I am losing interest in Farmville2 of late.  Just not really caring anymore if my crops are super sized with fertilizer, or if the cows get milked, or chickens fed.  Just do NOT care.

I confess…

I have SO many books to read, not sure where to start.  🙂  It’s like crack for me.  I’m delightfully overwhelmed.

I confess…

I am seriously wanting to crochet.  But it is too warm.  I have 5 projects in various states of completion but just cannot imagine doing them right now.  I’m also wanting to color.  Which means finding a good coloring book and crayons.  But that means a trip to the store.  hmmm….at least that store doesn’t sell food, which is all I can think about right now.  😦


  1. That windshield wiper thing drives me nuts, too. Such a first world problem, but I can’t stand it.

    Hope you haven’t killed anyone, but if need be, I’ll help you hide the body.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend so far.

  2. “I have SO many books to read, not sure where to start. 🙂 It’s like crack for me. I’m delightfully overwhelmed.”

    I love that! I get delightfully overwhelmed with books all the time!

    Linking from High Heeled Love,


  3. I hate that time of the month when ALL THE CARBS sound fantastic, give them to me!!!!
    I want uninterrupted time top read. It’s been sadly lacking recently.

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