Sunday Morning Coffee Musings…

Coffee cup with steam…and oatmeal and a banana.  After a nice, long but fast walk.  And a bunch of ice water.  Bed head under my animal rescue site baseball hat and an old, pink, very large t-shirt from some fire department, that I inherited along the way of life.  It works for walking as it covers my butt in these work out pants that are very old and I just prefer to cover all that jiggle.  My jello-jiggle factor in my rear is considerably higher than it should be.  I’m working on it.

Once again planted at the table of my honey while he is at work.  3 weeks in and it feels like home here.  I have an open invitation to move in whenever it is that I feel ready.  I was ready awhile back, just trying to keep my brain in this along side my heart.  However, we both agreed we are ‘all in’, and when we said that I had already expressed that if I declared myself all in, I don’t quit.  I WON’T quit.  Something about him and I together just feels so right, two perfectly imperfect people that fit so perfectly together.  He met my son and daughter-in-law last night, suppose it is time for him to meet my mom and the other divas, if they happen to be home.

It’s funny how different love is this time around.  In the past, ‘love’ or infatuation, whatever it is early on, would be so distracting.  Work suffered, eating slacked off, sleep was non-existent and life pretty much went into a holding pattern.  This time, quite the opposite.  I’m more focused and determined at work and at my Avon business.  I’m not paying attention to what I eat (hence I put on 3 pounds) and I’m sleeping very soundly.  Maybe because at this age of maturity for me, love provides additional focus in my life?  I want to work harder, I have someone to work harder for and that is a good thing.  Everything seems to have a stronger purpose now.  It is rather messed up that it took 2 marriages, one that nearly destroyed me mentally and emotionally when it ended, numerous heartbreaks and getting older before realizing that feelings combined with logic and level headed thinking when mating is what makes for a real, lasting love relationship.

Discovering what it is like to not only be physically attracted to someone, but mentally, intellectually, and emotionally… it’s rather mind blowing.


  1. Marti, Hi! Hopefully he’s the one for you! (TO have to go through dating and all at 50+ would be too traumatic for me! I’ve been with my husband since I was almost 20 and he was 25, through dating and marriage—31 years.) I’ve been reading your blog since at least ’11 if not ’10, and empathize with you through your joys and sadness! Here’s for the time of joy!!!

    • He is the one, no doubt. Any man who wants you to live with him and says sure bring the cats is a keeper!!!!

  2. ahhhhh….amore! The real kind – the kind that sticks; as you say. too much is thrown away in our world today. but love, love should always stick. Happy for you 🙂

  3. I see someone must have given you that box that all of us get when we turn 50. In it is a little pinch of patience, a big gob of self confidence and self acceptance, maybe a smattering of wisdom, a whole bushel basket full of grace. Things seem to look better with the reading glasses (or granny glasses as I’ve heard them called) on. When you look up and over the top of those glasses you can see things in a totally different way. Doesn’t mean we have to lose our spark. Doesn’t mean we lose our youthful expectations either. Just means that we pick and choose our battles more wisely and have the experience to know the ones we can win, and when to let the trivial fall by the wayside.

    Myself, I could have used that box of goodies much earlier than 50. But am glad that I finally got around to that dreadful “maturity” thing. Good luck with everything. You know I’ve been in your corner for a long tiime now.

    • Thanks Cinn! I love you sister from another mother.
      Yes, I was given that box and I too could have used it long before now. But better late than never and heck, I’m only 50 and still very young so there is a lot of life left to live! Now, I can live it with someone who is right for me.

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