Sipping Water From A Wine Glass & Playing With Pou

MyTiaraWineGlassI am fast realizing it is the presence of the wine glass that I enjoy at night, and not so much the contents.  I am sipping white grape flavored water from mine, and well it is still soothing.  And at zero calories, compared to wine at 80 per 4 ounces (as IF that were truly a glass of wine), this will suffice for the time being.

A few days ago my sister-in-law was over with her fancy water bottle.  75 ounces with a freezer thingie for sticking in it to keep it cold all day.  I had to have one, as that would be the day’s water consumption and I know I would not lose count.  Pink of course, and it is AWESOME!  Had it with me all day and by the end of dinner I had consumed every drop.  I am still under my minimum calories by 3, but I think I can live with that.

Pou?  Oh yes, that would be a cute little app for my phone and Kindle Fire.  It is supposedly and alien, but resembles a little pile of poop.  Like the Tamagotchi my kids had many moons ago, I have to feed, clean up it’s poop, play with it etc.  I know, what the heck was I thinking?  Then I come to find out my granddaughter has one on her tablet.  Immediate ‘hip granny’ points were scored.  It isn’t like there isn’t enough ridiculous crap that I do, FarmVille2, Candy Crush Saga (if you don’t already play that do NOT start, it is highly addicting and frustrating), umpteen social networking apps, a blog, a full time job AND a part time business. Yeah, I have spare time for this, right?  My family and friends are baffled that I’m playing with ‘poop’, but it isn’t, it is Pou.

Tomorrow’s post is the Friday Confessional, and oh do I have some confessions to make.  Brace yourself you are going to think I’ve lost my mind completely.  Okay, not funny, I have NOT lost it, at least not entirely, yet anyway.  It may wait until Saturday morning, as tomorrow begins the 1 week count down to my 50th birthday the following Friday and I have a short day at work before heading out with a friend and my kids and their significant others to kick it off with a 1 hour train ride to an Irish pub for dinner, then a 1 hour train trip back.  I have trains in my blood, gramps was a railroad engineer for a LONG time from back when it was coal ran steam engines.  Pass a train crossing and I might just get out and stand there to feel the rumble as all of the sheer power goes by.  Yet I have never been on a train.  Okay I rode the one at the zoo, but I mean a REAL train.  I cannot wait, this is going to be great fun.  Anytime with my kids is fun.

Good grief my head itches! TMI?  Sorry.  I am bleaching my roots and it is making my scalp itch.  I’m a real sight sitting here in a shredded t-shirt, jammie pants, my water in the wine glass and blue goop on my head.  And NO there will be no photo.

Speaking of wine glasses, that photo, if you click it, will take you to the site where you can purchase one.  Next time I have $24 I am dying to part with on something I do NOT need, that will be where it is spent!  I simply must have that one.