Friday Confessional

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It is time once again to put it all out there, get it off the chest, confession time!

I confess… 

I slept through my alarm for 20 minutes this morning before it finally woke me up.  I never do that.  Must be the gentle, sweet musical piece that serves as the ‘alarm’ is just no match for my exhaustion.  Oh well.  Still was on time to work without rushing.

I confess… 

Today I was actually excited about coming to work.  Yes, of course, with this being Friday it does in fact make me instantly in a good mood.  But this was more about the company finally being in the newly remodeled offices.  We moved in Wednesday and I love it.  There are still things that need to be finished, like trim around doors, base boards, and the kitchen isn’t installed, but we’re here and that means my OCD tendencies when it comes to my work space are satisfied.  My office is in order, things put away and I can find things again.  Doesn’t hurt that the pale pink walls are soothing.   I love my office.

I confess… 

I cannot wait til it is time to get the kittens for the office.  We’re getting 2, and they will be the office mascots.  We have to wait til things are done though so they aren’t getting out into the warehouse.

I confess… 

I love the idea of a kitchen in the office.  We’re eating out around here way too much.  I hate it.  Well, I LIKE it as in love yummy junkie food, but I love healthy stuff and prefer to stock us up with good stuff so I can eat in while working.  Plus then I can get back to writing blog posts on my lunch hour.


  1. I apologize for visiting a week late. it’s been that kind of work week. So glad y’all got moved into your new office space. I think having kittens as office mascots is the cutest thing ever.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party!

  2. having an kitchen in your office definitely saves money….and inches! It’s so much more convenient if you can just have staple items like bread, butter, jam, cheese, fruit and veggies there. I was worked with a guy who loved to bake… every Monday our office fridge would have some nice surprise treats. his margarita cheesecake was the best!

    • OMG cheese cake…. drools on keyboard
      We plan to stock the kitchen with good stuff, salads, fruits, veggies, oatmeal and skim milk.

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