Friday Confessional

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With bed head worthy of a gold medal, I slip down the aisle way, still in my jammies, yesterday’s makeup smeared on my face, and morning breath that could knock over a pot belly pig.  Into the confessional we go….

I confess… 

I did NOT wash my face last night.  This irritates me to no end as I’ve been very disciplined to do this for over a week. I notice the difference the consistent use of a good skin care regimen makes and I’m peeved at myself for not doing it last night.

I confess… 

I am working from home again today.  I did not sleep well last night, in fact barely slept at all.  I rose looking like I was auditioning to be a zombie on The Walking Dead.  On top of that we’re still waiting on our offices to be remodeled (almost finished) and I’ve reached my limits on being able to function in a conference room doubling as an office for 3 of us at another company’s location.  I am way too OCD when it comes to my desk and files and mentally cannot handle the mess and disorganization we’re forced to tolerate while our offices are finished up.  Oh,and there are NO windows in this room we are using, which drives me bonkers.  I cannot wait to be moved into the new location, where I have my own office, and it is PINK because I wanted a pink office with black furniture and black & white accents.  My wonderful boss humored me.

I confess… 

I have way over indulged on Easter candy this week.  Even my riding jeans are a bit too snug for my liking.  Those are the ones I wear on the back of a Harley because they are roomy.

I confess… 

I “Feel” the winds of change breezing through my life.  Cannot yet say what it is, but I just feel ‘change’ coming.

I confess… 

I always loved seeing The Red Hat Society ladies out and about.  They seem to have SO much fun.  As I am approaching 50 next month I decided to look into it, thinking you had to be 50 to join. Well you don’t!  You just wear a pink hat and lavender clothes until the magic birthday, then your regalia is purple with a red hat.  There was no chapter specifically in my township so…I not only joined, I founded a chapter.  🙂  I am now officially a Queen!  WOOHOOO me!  More to come.

I confess… 

I cannot stand to be around myself right now so it is off to the showers with this royal one, ya’ll have a very wonderful FRIDAY!



  1. A pink office sounds like fun. As does joining the Red Hat society. So glad you’re doing both.

    I didn’t realize you are a Harley rider. That makes me like you even more.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

  2. someone told me I had skin to die for and then asked what was my big beauty secret. was it a really expensive cream?
    nope. soap and water. every day. The apricot scrub I have always used costs under $6.00. And I do not use any creams. Just some pure aloe vera lotion if it gets dry. I am not sure if they were relieved to hear that, or disappointed because they just said “oh.” ???
    I would love to play a zombie in The Walking Dead!!! would be so cool. Except I would not want to die — just follow Norman Reedus around and stare at him. He rides a chopper you know. 🙂

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