Pondering With A Purpose – Sign

The prompt for today’s pondering is the word:  SIGN

What comes to mind when I see that word?  WOW lots of things as the word has so many meanings yet they all seem to have the common denominator.  A ‘sign’ is an indicator of something, some piece of information that the viewer or reader needs to know.

If you sign a document, your signature binds you, legally or by intent, to the criteria outlined in the verbiage written above that signature line.  Those loops, crossed ‘Ts’ and dotted ‘Is’ require some level of responsibility.

16175812A sign can be an indication of danger, like a railroad crossing, or high voltage wires.  Or it could be to serve as a warning of slippery surfaces like a wet floor or a bridge that freezes on the surface when it is cold outside.  In some cases they use humor to remind us of things like what a stop sign really means.

Gray hair, sore joints, snap-crackle-pop when we get out of bed, memory loss…all are symptoms or ‘signs’ of old age.

Numbers climbing higher and higher, or clothes fitting too tight would be implications/signs that perhaps a diet and some exercise would be in order.

Signs not only provide information but they can elicit an emotional response.  Spot those golden arches of the McDonald’s sign and every Happy Meal loving child gets excited.  Or the Bob Evans sign, which this morning was like seeing a beautiful, red and white beacon on the horizon for a breakfast food oasis, beckoning my very hungry, growling stomach to come and indulge!  I got all warm and fuzzy inside and it flowed over as I used that very description in my directions to the restaurant when my boss called (I am working from home today) to see if I wanted to have breakfast, on him.  The look on his face was priceless!  🙂

What do you think of when you see the word, sign?


  1. Yikes! I’m glad that stop sign in the picture isn’t located around here. I’d probably be in trouble!

  2. LOL. I like that stop sign. Right now I am making supper and the kids are very quiet. Which is normally a sign that trouble is afoot. 🙂

  3. We traveled through Michigan years ago with the kids. Every time we saw the Arches the kids would say we weren’t lost.

  4. so true… I actually had meant to talk about John Hancock’s signature that was a double meaning…not only a signature but a sign of defiance.

    Thanks for pondering with me!

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