Monday Memos

Monday MemosDear Self, 

Nothing beats a really good book that grabs you and keeps your interest, something you just do not want to put down.  Even better is when that book has a “part 2” and it is very inexpensive so you download it right away and start reading.  After all, having a Kindle means no driving to the book store, which happened to be closed upon reaching the end of book #1, so even better.

However, while the books were indeed very good and recommended reads, perhaps 2:30am was just a little late (or maybe early depending if you mean late at night or early in the morning) to stay awake and finish a book.  You are not 18 anymore, you NEED a good night of sleep just to resemble ‘normal’ on your best day.  So, what do you think, maybe leave the Kindle in your purse tonight and go to bed early?


Dear Amazing Individual Responsible For Coffee,

I don’t know you.  I have no idea whatever possessed you to grind up coffee beans and mix them with hot water to create this glorious potion in my cup, but I cannot thank you enough.  There simply are no adequate words.  No doubt you were given gold wings when you arrived at the pearly gates as a reward.

In awe,
Caffeine Addict

P.S. – every living creature on  2 or 4 legs that crosses my path each morning sends their unabashed gratitude as well.

Dear Scale,

Okay, I get it, time to duct tape my mouth shut.  The screaming in agony was really uncalled for, even if my ass is the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. RUDE!

Pleasantly Plump

Dear I-75N Morning Commuters,

When traffic that normally cruises down the highway, far exceeding the posted speed limit, is suddenly at a stand-still, then inching along, I expect carnage!  Twisted steel, shattered glass, maybe even body parts and blood on the pavement, a life-less hand sticking out from under a sheet.  Sun is NOT an excuse to suddenly screetch to a halt and then drive along trying to see through your fingers and dirty windshield.  BUY A PAIR OF GOOD SUNGLASSES!!  Nearly every stop-n-rob and gas station has a rack of eye protection that varies in price so there is something for every budget.  You all drive this same route every day, this is not a new event, it should not come as a shocker!

You should also consider GETTING OFF THE CELL PHONE so you have a free hand to shield your eyes, and put down the coffee for the same reason.

Thinks Road Rage Might Be Justifiable – Thank whoever discovered coffee that I’ve not aimed my grandpa’s proverbial “gun that shot sh*t” at your car and opened fire.

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  1. LOL. these were great. also guilty on the late night reading, and the road rage cause by stupidity.
    which is also why I probably call my morning coffee: nectar of the gods.

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