Friday Confessional – Zombie Edition

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Once again it is FRIDAY!!!!  That can only mean that it is time once again to sprint on over to the confessional and let the shhhhhh stuff fly!  I’m sure you are chomping at the bit to know what I have to confess this week so let us not dally.

I confess… 

It has been one very busy, overwhelming week at the office.  We have plenty of work coming in so life is good, but the heat is on to learn the ropes of this job.  I can manage an office like a champ, just have to get past the learning curve associated with the industry.  Fortunately I was an office manager for a heating/cooling company and a painting company so I’m familiar with some of it and the subcontractor issues that can arise.  Getting used to a new way to do somethings and multitasking at Olympic gold medal pace and well the marvelous one is marvelously pooped out!  I FEEL like the walking dead by the time I hit the pillows.

My "zombie yourself" photo from Facebook.
My “zombie yourself” photo from Facebook.

I confess… 

I was SO glad to see The Walking Dead return to the weekly line up of shows to watch, but really not happy that Daryl went off with his no good brother and is away from the group.  I certainly hope that the producers and writers do not intend to write him out of the show.  They don’t mind killing off main characters at all, and Daryl is just TOO big a part of the story for me to accept his leaving.  Not to mention he is the eye candy for this chick.

I confess… 

I broke my “no sweets” thing last night at a local fish fry.  I blame my mom, she kept tempting me, saying it was Friday, Lent etc. Only time it will happen. I hope.

I confess… 

I am SO obsessed with Zombies that I signed up to be one in a nearby, “Run For Your Lives” event.  It looks like WAY too much fun not to participate and there is NO way I’d be able to train and be ready for a 5k obstacle course like they do, but someone has to be zombies and chase the runners! Waaahaaahaaaa!!!

I confess… 

I’m late getting to the confessional…again.  Oh well, at least I made it in under the wire!  Have an awesome weekend!


  1. I have to check out this show Walking Dead. I’m getting bored with all my regular shows now and it’s time for something new. It would be sooo cool to do one of those Zombie runs! You’ll have to take pictures of yourself in the costume!

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