Friday Confessional

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I confess… 

I LOVE my city, for many reasons.  One of them is our outstanding news team on WKRC.  Friday mornings our traffic reporter, Bob Herzog, does “Dance Party Friday”.  Sometimes he just dances around to various songs, dressed in costumes, and other times he writes parodies of songs.  It is the highlight of Friday morning for me, as he is just hilarious.  He also MCs the Delhi Skirt Game but I will cover that another time.

Here is this morning’s DPF.  He is singing about route 50, aka – River Road, one of the key routes toward downtown and the highways for those of us who live on the west side of town.

And this is my favorite one he has done so far over the years:

He has danced with traveling Broadway show casts, the Ben-Gal cheerleaders, and countless others.  Oh and okay one more, that was a funny one he did one morning that got all the studio and in the field reporters involved.


  1. That was fantastic. My favorite was the guy way back in the background of the outdoor shot behind the lady with the black chicken hat…..he was just gangnam-ing his little heart out, wasn’t he?

  2. That is so good! I would get up and watch morning TV and news to watch that! What a great group for your local news! Thanks for the sharing!

  3. He is da bomb!!! Oh my goodness….I would get up every morning just to watch him. that was awesome.
    I love fun people – they make life better.

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