Shoe Lust Saturday


YES!!! Shoe Lust Saturday…quickly posting before it is Sunday.  Click above to link up and post what you lust for shoe-wise this week.  The first two pair are must haves for work, since I’m in the construction industry now and wear jeans to work and logo shirts.  The rest…well they just appeal to me!

I have to have these for work.
I have to have these for work.
Or these...maybe more these since my work shirts are black and pink.
Or these…maybe more these since my work shirts are black and pink.

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  1. Do you know what brand are the black high heels with mesh? Or where I can get them? Thanks.

  2. I like the pink construction boots…if you have to wear them, they may as well be pink. The hot pink heels with the bows are so cute. I’m on such a bow kick this year.

    Thanks for linking up for Shoe Lust Saturday. Have a fabulous day!

  3. ooohhhh… the ones with the bows!!!
    Love the black lace ones too. My daughter will take ALL the Hello Kitty 🙂

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