When Is It T.M.I.? – Viewer Discretion Advised

By now, if you read my blogs with any regularity, you know that my life is an open book.  I write, Tweet, Facebook, FourSquare, Waze, Yelp etc, frequently.  I’ve been accused before, by a few folks who prefer more privacy in their lives, of being too open, supplying too much information.

I honestly do not think that I am too open, after all that is what social networking is about, sharing and connecting with others.  Sure, checking into FourSquare could be dangerous if your account is visible or posts to your Twitter account that is visible, but only if you are being stalked.  Just in case, I generally do not ‘check in’ until I am leaving the location, unless I am with others and don’t really feel unsafe in their company.

My Twitter account is wide open, I have nothing to hide.  If I’m going to “tweet” about someone, I won’t hide behind a private account to do it, in fact I will likely write a blog post about them.  I do know people who do this, private tweeting, all the while saying “I don’t say anything that I wouldn’t say to their face”.  That is frankly pure bullshit.  If you’d say it to their faces, your account wouldn’t be private.  But I suppose that makes some people feel better about themselves.  Me, I tweet it because I really would say it to their faces, and since those that dislike me come check it, I feel that I’m not hiding behind anything.  A ‘ho is a ‘ho, a bitch is a bitch.  However I have tried hard to sit on my pretty fingers even when I don’t want too.  It is why, after the crap spewing fan of my brother’s divorce finally stopped turning, I remained silent.  I could easily let it all fly now but innocent bystanders would be hurt.  But that is another blog post.

Anyway, when is it too much information?  I think the following crossed that line.  Now regardless of your stand on abortion, I really do think it is a private matter and that tweeting about it complete with this photo, is bottom dweller in taste.  THIS is too much information.  Just as telling the world on your Twitter or Yahoo IM status that you got a little some some (sex for the slow to grasp) is exceedingly lacking in class.  Someone suggested they think this is a bogus account, and I would certainly hope so, but if it is not, it is behavior  far beneath that of a lady.  Your thoughts/comments are certainly welcome.



  1. One of the things I’ve gotten more and more careful about over the years is the company I keep – and that includes social media. Someone spewing that kind of thoughtless, insensitive and tasteless trash – I do not have time for in any form. Unfriend. Unfollow. It’s that simple. Because if they are that thoughtless in that public a way, then likely it carries over into the way they treat others & generally live.

    “You are what you eat” doesn’t just apply to food. You consume these thoughts when you read them.
    I wouldn’t eat garbage out of a trash can with my mouth – why should I eat it from social media with my brain or heart?

    • Thankfully she isn’t one I follow. Saw a piece about and thought the screen shot looked doctored…then when I found it I couldn’t believe it was real. Sad individual!

  2. Ugh. There are so many ridiculously stupid and class less people out there, it is likely a legit post. Just be thankful this loser didn’t post anything more graphic such as the “after”. :-/

  3. Ugh (rolls eyes into my head). Sadly, this is probably a legit post because there are plenty of ridiculously idiotic people in this world. Thankfully, this classless pic was ALL that had been shared!

  4. I suspect this is probably a bogus account too. I mean, who could be so proud about such a moment as to tweet about terminating a pregnancy (which is her right, yes) in a manner like you are about to get your hair done??!! And show your butt? why would we want to see that? What did she need proof of getting “the job done” for the father or something. oye. definite TMI.

    • I have read over the account, if it is bogus, it is done well to convince it is the real deal.

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