Pondering With A Purpose – Balance

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Balance – how do I keep my life in balance?

WOW that is a tough one.

The past 3 years my life has been anything but in balance as a whole or on average.  It went completely off balance about this time 3 years ago when the ex wanted a divorce.  For a while I was mentally and emotionally completely off balance from one extreme to another.  But things did settle down and once I moved out a routine was established.

I am probably a tad OCD in that I need a routine in order to function at my best.  I am also ADD enough to need and appreciate a break in routine for the sake of my sanity and to keep life interesting.  Some areas of my life I need complete order, everything staying the same, on a schedule, neat and tidy etc.  Other areas I need to be rapid fire changes, flashing lights, jump around, P-A-R-T-Y etc.  Confused? You should see inside my mind, it is one confusing place.

Routines of balance I need/like:

TV shows that I watch on certain nights of the week and plan my evening life around:

Blue Bloods
Criminal Minds
The Walking Dead
Sons of Anarchy
Once Upon A Time

These are the shows I watch and don’t like to miss.  When I do miss one I don’t feel balanced until I’ve caught up on past episodes.  This means when two programs are on at the same time, I have scheduled time to watch them on Prime Time On Demand.  You can count on me being in front of the TV and refusing to answer my phone (replying to texts during commercials only) if a show I watch is airing.  Reruns totally mess me up and this winter break thing over the holidays, or a week off because something else airs, just throws me out of balance.  Same with football…love me some Bengals (yes I am fully aware they suck, I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl and their inception).  During the bi week I get messed up, or if the game is at 4pm instead of 1pm, or they are on Monday night.  It takes me a few weeks to adjust in the off season to no football game to watch.

Work is a balance of routine and chaos.  Routine in that I need a certain environment, things in a certain place and systems to get things done.  Chaos in that I like constant changes to people, tasks etc.  Weird, I know.  Bring on the ever changing assignments but move my laptop or calculator and I’ll staple your hand to the side of your body.

At home, my room is my refuge and haven.  Everything is always in a particular order.  I tend to hang there most of the time because things are always put away and I need that sense of order.

My love life? What love life?  I need that balanced too, hence right now I am simply single and enjoying that.  I am not prepared at the moment to balance personal life and time with a love relationship.  Right now I need my space and that is working well.  I do not want to invest the time and energy on a relationship, I have too many other things I want to achieve, get in order, and balance in my life.  I don’t want or have time for a relationship.

Friendships/entertainment – these are good too, in moderation.  Too much time out having fun and my balance gets messed up.

Needless to say, this past 2 weeks have been rough for me.  Starting a new job, and hanging out every evening with the boss while brain storming etc, has made it hard for me.  I need to reign things in a bit so I have balance.  I love getting out and doing things, but I also need my ME time.  My time to think, process, de-stress. Time to crochet and work on projects for my upcoming Etsy shop.  I need time to focus on my Avon business too.

I did really well being married to a firefighter.  Having ME time ever 3rd day was good.  I enjoy my own company and solitude in chunks of time throughout my week.  I NEED that in order to stay balanced mentally and I don’t apologize for turning down invitations to do things in order to have that necessary quiet time to myself.

Lately I do a lot of things in spurts, lacking balance.  I really NEED to find and achieve a balance across the board.  I just need to do it in small sections, an area at a time or I get over whelmed.


  1. “Work is a balance of routine and chaos”… what a perfect description of my job too! I don’t welcome the chaos, as it usually comes in the form of coworker drama, but we try to keep the routine moving along despite the noise. I totally agree with you on alone time too, I treasure my Saturday mornings and ocassional evenings alone when I can write undisturbed in a perfectly quiet environment… it’s heavenly! I’ve never been bored by myself, though I also love the time I get to spend with my husband. When he’s home we are almost always together, we like it that way. Best wishes to you for finding the perfect balance in your life this year, we are always a work in progress! 🙂

  2. Your statement about not apologizing for your need for ME time really strikes home with me. I turn down a lot of invitations due to finances (or lack thereof, ha) and due to the fact that mostly if I am not at work at my job I am home working on the computer to make money. Many don’t understand and frankly, I don’t care that they don’t. My personal balance of time and activity is my concern, not theirs.

  3. I am so hooked on Once Upon A Time!! I came to it very late, so I had to rent the first season, and then find the first couple of episodes of the 2nd season online so I could get caught up. Great concept.
    I don’t think who can fault yourself for a divorce sending you off-kilter. That’s only to be expected. And adjusting to single life, after having to factor another person into your daily routine had to be hard.
    I think we all just try our best, should never hurry – never worry, and just try to do one thing each day that makes us happy.

  4. Marti… a divorce is certainly something that knocks not only the wind out of your sails, but completely knocks you off balance. Everything you knew and loved and thought you wanted is suddenly different. I too, need a routine to keep myself and my feet firmly planted on the ground.
    I think the trick is to remember to keep yourself in mind when making decisions.

    Thank you for pondering with me!

  5. Love Criminal Minds and Once Upon A Time! And football . . . I used to work with Mike Zimmer, who I think is now a coach with the Bengals. And it’s so important to love your own company – – so many cannot say that!

  6. I too plan my evening entertainment around CSI and CSI NY. I am also hooked on some of the cooking shows so I PVR my shows to watch in my time. Knitting and crocheting are also my escapes. I ffel I am doing something constructive but also relaxing.

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