Friday Confessional


Time to get some things from this week off of my chest!

I Confess….

I stayed up WAY too late last night.  Scandal was back on, and I had to watch it.  Sure, I could have watched it today on Prime Time On Demand, but it started and I was already curled up under a blanket watching TV so I stayed up.  Not good.

I Confess…

It was not good because this week my sleep patterns are all messed up.  Insomnia combined with night sweats is making it hard for me to get a decent amount of sleeping in, so I’m like a zombie walking around.  While that is mostly due to menopause, it is also somewhat stress as little things this week have all been ganging up on me and I am trying to study for my state exam next week and start two new jobs. UGH.

I Confess…

I am PMSing too…so if you crawl past me too slow and look like you might be packed with fat, sugar and calories, I’m likely to mistake you for junk food.  I’m craving chocolate and ice cream.

I Confess…

When I couldn’t sleep Wednesday  night I started googling what were the best free apps for smart phones.  I found some cool ones to use for my Avon business, some fun games etc.  but I also found one called Tagged.  I assumed it was a social media thing like FourSquare and Twitter, and being a social media junkie I created my profile.  Not sure what it is supposed to really be, but it was like a mostly free dating site or something. Suddenly I was getting friend requests and marriage proposals from all over the world.  Oh and you can “own” each other as pets…I was bought and sold and my value was simply outstanding.  And it drove me bonkers, I couldn’t keep up with all the “attention” so I dropped that one.  I am NOT looking for a relationship so it was a pointless waste of my time.

I Confess…

I am really looking forward to this weekend!  Tonight I am having dinner with a very dear friend.  Haven’t seen him in well over a year and we have a ton of catching up to do.  Both of us headed in new career directions and lots of things have happened to us both over the past year, should be a great, relaxing evening.  Then I hope to spend some time with the grandchildren this weekend, and take my granddaughter out to eat and hang for a bit for a date with granny.


  1. I’ve been trying to find a great meal planner/grocery store app. I think I’ve downloaded 4 or 5 free ones so far. It’s funny, the thing I’m trying to do to save time and make my life simpler is taking waaaay too much time, and is so complicated!

  2. LOL..i’ll be sure to run by real quick so you can’t eat me and have a lovely dinner tonight

  3. I sat up too late and watched Scandal last night, too. It was nice to see Olivia get back to standing her ground.

    Hope you get some good rest this weekend. Insomnia sucks.

    Thanks for joining in the Friday Confessional party. Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. I’ve been sleeping terrible lately too. Which makes me want to avoid my bed — so I am staying up too late as well. I was sort of thinking if I just waited until I was absolutely exhausted, I would fall asleep fast AND stay asleep. But, even staying up until 2 am – I fell asleep and wake up about 90 minutes later and can’t get back to sleep. Not good with 3 children to watch the next day.
    A friend thought it sounded like I was heading towards menopause too (I’ll be 42 this year), and that some of my symptoms might be related to that. So great….I get to have PMS AND Menopausal at the same time? that doesn’t seem fair. LOL
    I’m almost tempted to try that App just to see who would propose to me! LOL
    Hope you get some good rest soon

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