Tuesday Coffee Chat – In The Coming Year I Would Like To…

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Today’s Coffee Chat is:

In the coming year I would like to…

Celebrate and embrace my 50th birthday by paying-it-forward through 50, random acts of kindness throughout the year.  And while it feels weird to consider blogging about them, as if it would be tooting my own horn, I hope it might inspire others to do the same. In fact I’d love to see many do them too, in line with their own birthday number.  Wouldn’t that be cool? As there are 52 weeks in the year, I need to average one a week. I can do that.

Start my novel writing career.  I have several I want to write and I am not getting any younger so why not just DO IT!

Shed around 30 pounds and get fit.  I am entirely out of condition physically and it is time to fix that before serious health issues result.

Build up my Avon business enough that it is paying all of my monthly expenses, and have 100 people in my down-line.

Donate blood every 8 weeks, because each donation can save up to 3 lives, and that is the only satisfaction/repayment one gets donating so it is pretty unselfish.  Well okay you do get good cookies afterward, and I jokingly say I do it for the cookies.

Get my Etsy shop stocked and online so that I can have additional income doing something else that I dearly love, hooking (crochet) blankets and baby things.

Resurrect family dinners once a month.  We used to do this, with my parents and siblings and their offspring.  We started it after 9/11 because we realized how quickly those we love could be taken (both of my brothers are fire fighters and my son is a cop).  It slowly fizzled out after a few years and I miss it so much.  I will be pulling this together, in fact today I’ll pull the Diva’s together and we’ll get this started since we certainly have a big enough house for it.

What about you, what will you do in the coming year?


  1. I LOVE LOVE your idea of 50 acts of Random Kindness — and YES blog about them so we can also pay it forward with you. Bless you for that – awesome!
    Love the idea of family dinners too. That is one of the downsides of not living in the same city as your family. Especially with ours being a law enforcement family too.
    Thanks for chatting with me!

  2. I used to sell Avon for 20 years. I was the 3rd highest sales rep in the territory. I helped create President’s Council and made the first one. Do they still have the PC with Mrs Albee?

    • YES!!! I made PC last year, have my Mrs. Albee above my desk on the shelf! I am struggling to make it to PC this year but determined that I can and WILL build this. Lisa Wilber is my Avon idol, and Barb Avery, I know there is money here to be made.

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