First Flush Parties?

I am really thankful that I am going to be 50 years old, and not a toddler learning to go on the potty.  I just saw a commercial, that sparked my interest so I went looking for more information and OMG HOLY COW REALLY?????

The commercial is for Huggies Pull-Ups, the diaper/under pants combo that is disposable and used by many parents who are potty training their kids.  In this commercial, Eli was featured, a kid who looks about 2.5 to 3 years old.  Upon his very first flush, for going on the potty, a party breaks out on his street complete with marching band and a large “potty” cake!  Confetti and all kinds of hoopla, oh and even a big Eli parade balloon that looks like the little guy who just had his first flush.

I figure poor Eli will grow up not only scarred for life as he is forever known as the first flush kid (talk about serious bully material), but I’m really afraid for his parents.  How DO you follow that up when he learns to tie his shoes, or spell his name, or write in cursive?  I mean really, a parade and party on the lawn that rivals most Sweet Sixteen celebrations all because he went on the potty?  My poor kids, they got a chocolate kiss or a few M&M’s, no doubt they are going to really be feeling under-appreciated for that first poo-poo on the old commode.  Thanks Eli….thanks SO much.  Once again my failure as a parent is evident in that I never hosted a party for the first toilet deposits made by my offspring. *hanging head in shame*

But wait…there is more!

ID-10066381House parties are being encouraged to celebrate your little tyke’s first flush too!  Yes really!  On the Huggie’s First Flush site you can download a festive frame for the first flush photo, Potty Party Hats and First Flush Confetti!!!  Really want to go all out?  Enter on Facebook to be one of the official First Flush House Party hosts and get a full blown party pack!  WOW, you can line up all the kids who have not had their first flush and toss a Pull-Up like you would a garter or bouquet at a wedding! FABULOUS!

If selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

28 Pull-Ups® samples (sizes 2T-3T) – 1 boy and 1 girl sample for everyone at the party!
14 Pull-Ups® coupon books
14 Party hats
14 Blow-out noise makers
1 Exclusive Pull-Ups® Potty Training Fun Celebration App sticker and download info
14 Reward progress chart activity
Pull-Ups® “First Flush” Celebration coloring sheets

Can’t you just see it now?  A group of dad’s high-fiving it and fist bumping over juniors first duce?  Cigars passed around that instead of saying “it’s a boy/girl” they say “It’s A Zeppelin!” WOOHOOO!

*shaking my head*

I sincerely hope my son and daughter-in-law have started saving for my grandson’s First Flush Party because it looks to me like it should be comparative in cost to their wedding.  Those marching bands and custom-made potty cakes aren’t cheap.  And we cannot have the little man left out or he’ll need years of therapy to recover from being the only kid in kindergarten that didn’t get a big First Flush Celebration!  Hope they got a photo of the first poopy diaper so they can use it on the invitations with a caption like, “You’ve come a long way baby!”  OH and we can all do the potty dance at the party too! This is just going to be so much fun!  Better book a professional photographer too, like they do for proms at weddings, this is a milestone event and all.

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  1. this had me laughing from start to finish. My husband and I have often talked about how so much of parenting now is about “reward” and “praise” – not that you shouldn’t praise your kids obviously. but really it has become so over-blown and ridiculous that kids no longer will Do Anything without having praise heaped upon them, or receiving some kind of reward. It completely eliminates the development of “achieving this goal, meeting this challenge – will make you feel good about yourself.”
    How will they build self esteem if they don’t learn to meet challenges – for the sake of overcoming challenges. If all that ever motivates them is a treat, toy or party: what do you think they will expect as grown-ups?
    scary thought.

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