To Etsy Or Not To Etsy, That Is The Question!!!

Okay readers, I’m coming to you with the hope that you can assist me with your feedback, which I value very much.

My sister and I have long wanted to sell our crochet creations online, our own little handmade business so to speak.  We’ve seen the blue bazillion Etsy shops there are and we wondered…are they profitable?  Or would we be better off to start up a website that has paypal abilities and just work from there?

My inquiring mind wants to know!  If you have an Etsy shop please leave your input in the comment section below.  If you don’t own one but know someone who does, go poke them and ask them to come here and give me feedback, please!

Many many thanks in advance!!!!

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  1. sorry, I don’ t know anyone who has an Etsy shop, nor have I ever ordered from one. I have heard that they can be quite successful though. Good luck if you decide to proceed.

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