He Is Here!!!!

It is currently 1:12am on 12/27/12.  I am sitting here sipping a glass of wine, unwinding from such an amazing night!

I arrived at the hospital at just after 3pm on 12/26/12 and went right up to the labor and delivery floor in search of my son and his wife.  They were there to give birth to their son.  I was blessed that despite a winter storm blowing outside complete with snow and freezing rain, Cowboy took me up there in a 4-wheel drive truck so that I could be there to hold my grandson shortly after his birth.  I had hesitated for a while, knowing how hard it is to have others there when in labor and after, but I just couldn’t stay away.

At 10:32pm, weighing in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and 20 inches long, Collin Patrick arrived into this world.  Shortly after his birth, the nurse came and summoned Ryann, the big sister, to come meet her brother.  They spent some time, just daddy, mommy, Ryann and Collin, before we all were ushered in to meet the newest addition to our families.

He is a beautiful baby!!!!

OMG I am just a mushy hot mess at the moment.  All tears of joy and excitement.  Melissa’s mom held him then handed him off to me.  Guess everyone knew that the grandmas had first dibs.  I was sorry my ex and his wife were not there so that grandma Judy could hold him too.

This is the best gift ever of Christmas, this wonderful little boy!

As a typical grandma, I’m sharing the photos.  🙂

Collin Patrick at around 1 hour old.
Collin Patrick at around 1 hour old.
Ryann and her new little brother, Collin
Me and my grandchildren


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