Doc In The Box

docWell okay, not a doctor, a nurse practitioner.

And not in a box.  In our grocery store.

The Little Clinic.

I have to say…I am impressed.

I’ve been sick off and on now for oh…maybe 2 months?  Mostly I figured it was allergies, and it was, however it grew.  It became a sinus infection.  I did what every good Diva does, I self medicated with antibiotics I found left over from others in the house.  I know, I know, not good, especially when they were expired.  Weaker versions of their original selves.  Oh I checked to be sure they were ones for treating sinus infections, and they were, but they were weak at best.  It helped a little. But then things just got worse.  Even my eyes are watery and itchy from the, well, yuck stuff in my head.  Not good.

So, now that I’ve lost my voice, I finally went to have it checked.  Okay, again, mom said she was dragging me there strongly suggesting I go.  As I am self pay because I do not have insurance, I opted for the newly opened  Little Clinic.  For what it would cost me at the doc’s office, but without an appointment and much more convenient hours (guess THEY understand people work or have other obligations and their illnesses don’t seem to receive the memos about 9-5 except when on the golf course.

The place was not busy, was seen right away, and now I have a nice, strong, new antibiotic and a steroid to take to get me going.  Not  contagious just nothing more than a whisper and my head is stuffed and it’s dripping its yuck down my throat.  Lovely visual I know.  I’m a vision of loveliness actually, sporting my Bengal jersey (and of course they lost) and sniffling, blowing, sneezing.

And now, all medicated up and with a hot cup of hazelnut cappuccino (thanks to my niece moving home with her Keurig) I’m curling up on the bed to work on a crochet project and enjoy my virtual, HD fireplace on my TV (no fireplace in my bedroom) along with some nice Christmas music.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better. If not, please check into whether your sinus infection could be fungal, in which case antibiotics would not help. Mayo Clinic issued a press release in 1999 about this.

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