Friday Confessional ~ Derailed Diet Edition


I confess… 
I did not get my 6th wish posted until this morning (it was due up yesterday) because I was just too tired and brain dead by the time I got in front of my laptop.  Gave up trying to get all the pieces in place and went to bed.  So I posted it this morning and the 7th will go up later today.

I confess… 
I totally went off the rails last night as far as my eating healthy and counting/tracking all grams of any type going into my mouth.

My son and his wife and daughter came over for dinner and grilled up some bacon wrapped venison steaks and OMG were they delicious.  The venison, corn and small potato were not the problem.  My choo-choo jumped the track at the peanut butter cookies, white chocolate peppermint M&Ms (available exclusively at Target) and a few beers.

*hanging head in mock shame*

Yeah, not really all that upset with myself over it to be honest.

I confess… 
There is cinnamon, walnut iced coffee cake sitting on the kitchen counter calling my name.  I am resisting at the moment but it would be best if the cats grabbed it and hid it some place far from me.  I’m weak in the area of sweets, I admit this.

I confess… 
I just caved and had a small piece.  I just had to have it.  I’m placing all blame on the cats for not acting fast enough.  Okay not at all…but then they have no interest in coffee cake.  We need a dog.

I confess… 
It is after 10am and I am still in my jammies.  I haven’t had a shower either.  And the worst part? I really would be just fine with staying like this all day, complete with the smeared mascara on my face from yesterday because I also confess I didn’t bother to wash my face before bed.  Just do not feel like getting myself together and getting ready to face the day.  Some times I just LIKE being lazy.  Okay I love it.  However that isn’t an option today so I’ll be headed to pull myself together as soon as this post is finished.


  1. Dogs are wonderful for taking care of those sweets you don’t want. Just ask my Dutchess.

    Diets are so hard to stick to. This will be my first New Year without a diet Resolution on my list, and not because I couldn’t still stand to drop a few pounds, I just know I’ll never sick to it anyway.

    Good luck!

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