#5 ~ My Grown Up Christmas List

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#5 ~ My Brothers

I  love my brothers.  Both are amazing men, and great fathers to their children.  Both have good hearts, and both have made some mistakes in life.  But both have done their best to fix any wrongs and make them right.

Baby brother has a birthday tomorrow.  I still remember coming downstairs to see what St. Nick  brought us to find out my mom was at the hospital having him, and shortly after that learning I had another brother.

My other brother, younger than me, has a big event coming soon in his life as well, one that makes me very happy for him.

I wish them both all the happiness in this world, and love and blessings.

Family is the most important thing a person has on this earth, Grandpa Fred always told me that.

People are human.

People make mistakes.

People sometimes can be in so much pain already that they can find the demon under every rock, even if it only looks like it is there.

And sometimes people purposely set a stage to make others think there is a demon when there isn’t even a rock.

My prayer is for communication, forgiveness where it is needed, and understanding to see the truth.

I love you both with all my heart.