TTUT ~ OMG? Seriously?

OH and spilling it I plan to do.

I’m frustrated right now.  Don’t get me wrong, still the perky, positive, marvelous woman.  But lately so much has frustrated me!

My car.  I swear the piece of &*$^% has spent more time being fixed than it has being driven in the past 6 months…okay year! Past YEAR!  And each time it is something new going wrong.  I cannot afford a new car right now, so I have to just keep praying we finally fix the last thing and I can drive it for a while.  The shocks and struts need replacing, have for literally years now.  The ex promised to “get to them soon” for over a year, then when we were divorcing he again said he’d get to them.  I moved out, those will likely never see HIS promise kept.  I keep hoping space garbage will fall from the sky and take out the car.

My Avon business.  It is a little hard to keep a business going when the car doesn’t work.  Especially one in direct sales.  I need to be able to get out, meet people, distribute my brochures and get those sales and recruits.   But I need my car to do that.  Grrrrrr……  The website side is down too.  If you need any Avon, like great stocking stuffers etc, please, go to MY AVON STORE and buy buy buy!  Til midnight tonight, $10 orders ship free (when checking out use code: SHIPTEN).  After midnight, all orders $30 or more ship free.  Tell a buddy, I could seriously use every single sale no matter how small!

My SwissJust business.  Never got off the ground because again, the stupid car.

I want to start a 2 week school program next week to get my certification as a nurse aide, but without a reliable vehicle that simply isn’t likely to happen.  I have a job if I can just get the darn certification!!!! GRRRRR!  And I don’t even want the job, I love my Avon business, but  until I can recover from the down time financially, I have to do something.  Besides, having the certification and job to fall back on is not a bad thing.

Sunday, after one day of having my car back and loving my FREEDOM again, I got in it to drive to church and it is acting up again.  I wanted to cry! I was determined that if I had to walk there in the rain, I was going.  I’ve missed 3 weeks prior due to a cold/flu/something virus that I finally shook off after spending a day with the puke virus and fever.  But finally I got the car to cooperate and drove.  Walking really is a doable thing, the church is only a little over half a mile from my house, and I won’t melt if I get wet.  I was SO glad I went, so well fed and I miss my church family when not there.

SIGH….okay nothing changed by venting, but I feel better.   🙂


  1. Car troubles are the worst! My first 2 were sued and I went through all the issues before finally getting a brand new one. It’s nice to not have to worry about it now!

  2. I always feel better after a good vent session! Hope you’re feeling better too – and that your car woes get solved soon, because it seems they are at the root of so much unhappiness and frustration for you right now. Chin up, chicky!! 🙂

  3. a reliable car. or two. definitely on my forever Christmas list. A family of 5 trying to make life happen with only 1 vehicle is definitely not fun. I feel your pain sista!

  4. This, my dear is exactly what a blog is for so vent away! Just imagine how you’re saving the ears lf a friend who may not have the time (or want to) &hear this. Writing? We find comfort in knowing our pc or smart phone will never talk back.

    Wishing you smooth sailing these next couple of days and weeks!

    • OH that is SO true!
      Though I have a few doozies coming soon, when the ink dries on my brother’s divorce. I have a lot to say about his ex.

  5. Venting really does help–even if only to let off steam. Hope the car starts to cooperate soon.

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