Monday Listicles ~ 10 Reasons I Am Great!

Do you like blogging lists?  Click the icon above and come link up and list those items! This week it is all about being GREAT!


    1. I am the great procrastinator!  If putting things off until the last possible minute (or longer) were an Olympic sport, I’d hold the gold medal.
    2. When it comes to organizing and cleaning up, I’m your girl.  Just don’t expect it will last long, as my walk in closet can attest at the moment.
    3. I hold the unofficial record for re-heating my coffee in the microwave before I finally get to actually finish a cup.
    4. No one exposes themselves to their allergens quite like me.  Cats? Highly allergic, yet not only are there 3 living here, I snuggle with them then end up a mess of watery eyes and runny nose.
    5. When it comes to hiding things, from myself, to keep them safe? I’m your girl!  Right there, in plain sight! Like my cell phone I’m frantically searching for all the while talking on it.
    6. No one walking can pack the bedroom trash can like I do!  Too lazy to go get a trash bag and empty it, and too forgetful when I am in the kitchen to grab one, I just push the contents down more and more until they are packed in there so tight you need a crow bar to get them out.
    7. I am an over achiever in the menopause symptom department.  I can heat the entire house for hours at a time with a good hot flash.  Memory? Excuse me what were we talking about?
    8. Unintentional workouts – got that covered too.  Go all the way from the top floor to the lowest point in the house, the laundry room, and remember that I forgot something in my room that needs washing.  Come all the way into the house after shopping, and realize that I left shopping bags in the trunk.
    9. I have a knack for picking out/falling in love with the most expensive item in the jewelry store.  It may be the smallest diamond they carry, but if I just have to have it (I never get it just want it), it will be the single most pricey one they carry!
    10. I can control the cloud cover in summer time.  No really, I can.  It can be the most beautiful, cloud free, blue sky day.  If I go out to lay in the sunshine, every cloud in a 500 mile radius descends on the area to block the sun.

Yep, I am pretty darned impressive!


  1. I’m an organizer too – only problem is I live with slobs. So, I’m on strike b/c I’m tired of fighting an uphill battle. I also have that “let’s pick the most expensive one” gene. It’s not just jewelry though, it’s everything!

  2. The menopause one had me shaking my head with memory. Yes…I’ve been there temporarily. Long story. I do remember being thankful (after the fact) that such was the case in the dead of winter. I joked that it would be such a great skill to be able to channel all that head into my index finger and zap people on the spot. Poof! A pile of ashes. Or to instantly de-ice my car.

  3. #1 and #2? Agreed. But #3? No, no, no, this is so wrong! 😉

    Loved your #5 and #8, these ideas were so great! (I have your #10 superpower when it comes to rain. If I take an umbrella: perfect weather. If I leave it at home: downpour!)

  4. Definitely impressive! I can relate to 1, 3 and 6. I used to relate to 7 and 8 but now I’m post menopausal. I have a whole new set of “issues”. LOL

  5. Quite impressive, yes! Love your list! Can totally relate to your 1, 3 and 6. And I used to relate to 7 and 8, but thank goodness I’m post-menopausal now. I have a whole new set of “issues”. Don’t ask. LOL

  6. Great list! I had to laugh at #10 – my husband jokes that if I like something in a store, no matter what it is, it is guaranteed to be the most expensive one in stock. 🙂

  7. Ah, a fellow procrastinating temporarily organized accidental exerciser, I see! Very funny list – I was nodding along (and laughing) the whole time.

  8. LOL…an impressive list indeed! The hot flash one had me giggling and groaning at the same time – it’s only a matter of time before I am there too. I think my hubby might challenge you on that garbage cramming record though.

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