Ready, Set, Go!

Once again I’m going to make the attempt to keep up with the fitness journey posts.

I decided that I would do this as a way to be accountable, and maybe even inspire someone else.  Hopefully, others will come along that inspire me too!

You can read about my purpose behind all this in the My Fitness Journal – Making Marti Marvelous section.

I began this week with reactivating my SparkPeople account.  It wasn’t inactive, just sitting there unused.  Not so much anymore.  I got on the scale and nearly stapled my mouth shut when I saw the results.  I don’t FEEL like I weigh this much but I do.  I don’t look like I weigh 183 pounds, but I do.  And that is not acceptable.

So I began tracking what is going in my mouth and that is always an eye opener for me.  I am a grazer when I go through my day.  Open fridge, grab something to chew on.  Wander to the kitchen for coffee, reach for a snack to munch.  And so goes my day.  Trouble is I don’t reach for the healthier options.  I go for the crap.

51YPNYK1B5LExample: cookies!  Pecan Sandies at 170 calories for 2.  UGH.  I don’t usually get by with just two…more like 4 or 6.  Yeah, that isn’t helping one bit.  10 grams of fat in 2 of them isn’t good either. That racks up to be 340-510 calories just on that one trip through the kitchen.  10-30 grams of fat, as opposed to the 3 grams of protein. Not a healthy or wise choice.

I could have 5 large baby carrots and rolled back out with only 35 calories.  And once I stopped eating sweets the first thing I noticed is just how sweet carrots are, and green grapes.  I can have a whole cup (may not sound like much but measure them out) for 110 calories.

Last night, instead of grabbing junk for a snack, I decided to go with a serving of raisins, green grapes and baby carrots.  3 servings of fruits and veggies in one sitting. First of all that is high volume food so it wasn’t easy to eat all of it!

1 cup of green grapes
1/4 cup of raisins
5 baby carrots.

It took a while to eat it all, while sipping water.  I was ready to just stop, but I also had not hit my minimum calorie intake of 1200 so I had to finish.  It was SO good.  I was more than satisfied by the time I finished.

I’ve also been told that often when we think we are hungry, we actually are dehydrated and need water.  I’ve taken to keeping up with 8 glasses of water a day.  I carry around my 24oz tumbler that is spill proof and filling it 3 times a day.  That has helped me get the water I need to drink, and it is healthier than a Diet Coke.

ProduceI’m going to be getting very familiar with the produce section at the store, and hopefully over time, with much determination and help from the site, I will be successful this time.


  1. I have been off and on the last month with Sparkpeople. The site has a lot to offer. I tried their new health coach (free for 1 week), I did not think it was as helpful. Good for you for taking the right steps for a healthier you.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and taking the time to read it.

  2. We must have been passing the stapler to each other, because I decided to create feelings of “you are out of ccontrol”.
    I think it’s time that I reset my Spark account, re-familiarize myself with the check in at LA Fitness and break out the protein shake.
    Kudos to you!

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