Friday Confessional


AH Friday at last.  Time to confess for the week.  Confession is good, they say, for the soul.  It can also make for a good post, though if you came here looking for “naughty” stuff, sorry, I’m being a ‘good’ girl, no seriously naughty things to share.  And this is a family friendly post, after all.

I confess… 

Despite the decent efforts, I did not lose a single pound this week.  But I have to admit I broke from the restraints, and chewed my way to a few beers and snacks that, while I recorded them, weren’t good choices.  Last night, my snack was baby carrots, raisins and grapes.  Oh and water.  No beer.

I confess… 

I figured out how to get an additional handful of calories into my count.  150 to be exact.  I now prepare my old fashioned oats in water rather than whole milk.  Even with a bit more brown sugar to flavor it, I’ve managed to carve out some play room to add other things like nuts or raisins, or even banana slices.

I confess… 

It is most unlikely that I will give up the coffee in any amount.  I like coffee, even if it makes the breath smell like, well, butt.  Being fairly sure that I’m at least somewhat ADD, based on how I am without the coffee (ie: 1000 thoughts flying around in my head and I cannot focus at all on one), I think for the sake of daily accomplishments this is good.  Especially if I’m driving a car.

I confess… 

Last night I was mean to my cat.  I took her little fuzzy away from her again.  She was playing fuzzy soccer all over the room, driving me bonkers when I was trying to sleep.  The look on her face was priceless when she realized it was now mine, under my pillow, under my head, where she wan’t going to get to it.  She plopped herself down by my leg and pouted.  I fell asleep so I guess she was there most of the night.  She came right up to my face this morning when I stirred and just glared at me until I gave it back.  Sadly, she won’t ‘learn’ anything by it, so it won’t be the last time I have to take it away.

I confess… 

I don’t have writer’s block…I have total ideas for posts static confusion.  I have SO much I want to write about but cannot ever nail it down to one.  Nothing feels right.  Maybe I need more coffee.


    • NOPE not a chance, coffee is higher on the priority list around here than food and clean clothes!

  1. Cats are great for thinking play time is when we want to sleep. My cat thinks the perfect time to cuddle is when I’m trying to go to sleep.

  2. Yes, the answer is always, more coffee!! haha
    you live with Grumpy Cat!!! LOL
    I confess that now I want a nice cold beer. It happens from time to time, but normally in the summer. Maybe I should learn how to make mulled wine for these cold winter months.

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