Longing For A Simpler Time…

I remember a simpler time in my life. 

Stores were closed on Sundays.  So were gas stations except along the highway and even then I’m not sure many were open.

McDonald’s was a treat, every 2 weeks when dad got paid.

Decorations didn’t go up for Christmas until Thanksgiving turkey had been eaten and everyone came back from grandmother’s house, through the woods and back over the river.  I don’t even know when this happened, maybe after the stores closed on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving?  I only know that come Black Friday everything magically was Christmas.  But never before Thanksgiving.

Fun was riding the bus downtown to see the windows and the train display at Cincinnati Gas & Electric.  It was free.  Now you have to PAY to see them at the museum.  I won’t go for that reason.

We looked forward to Christmas shows like Rudolph, and Charlie Brown, Frosty The Snowman, The Little Drummer Boy, The Grinch,  and Miracle  On 34th Street.

While we were not Little House On The Prairie, when one really nice, special gift for Christmas made it a wonderful year, this massive gift pile mentality was still not the norm for anyone that I knew.  We received a few toys, things we really wanted, but we also received things we needed, like socks, pajamas and underwear.  A batch of homemade cookies from anyone was a real gift!

Acura is running a commercial of late for the holidays, that says “listen to the voice of reason”.  What a novel idea!

We’re in an economy where a large number of people have no jobs, or haven’t had raises in years.  Seriously these commercials of fancy cars, diamonds and such are really not doing it for me.  Not that they ever have but my ex one time remarked, the Christmas right before he asked me for a divorce, that the car commercials were really good at making a guy feel guilty that he couldn’t buy his wife an Audi for Christmas.  I don’t know too many husbands that can afford to do so!  Unless it is a Matchbox car!

With money exceedingly tight this year, I’m wondering…why not go back to that simpler time.  Why not listen to the voice of reason?

Sure, I’d love diamonds and fancy clothes, or a new car.  Maybe a Kindle Fire, or iPad.  All very nice, don’t get me wrong.  But I do not NEED them.  And need is really far more important.

I was sitting here thinking, what are gifts that I need that I’d truly LOVE to receive?

A gift certificate to my hair salon.
Footie socks, 12 pair? (I go through them fast as I hate shoes).
Jammies!  I love jammies!
A gift certificate to Hobby Lobby, my favorite store EVER!
Essential oils, they are becoming increasingly more of a need for me!
A new phone.  It is a need as my current one is just shot.  And I can buy the phone outright!
Clothes for the new job I’ll be starting.
Gas cards – those are awesome.
Gift Visa Cards – I can then buy what I need as I need it!

Beyond that…there is not much I need!  What if we all actually just made a list of what we really need…chances are that it would be a lot more practical, and less expensive than the list of things we’d like to have.


  1. Half of my son’s karate lessons – that we’ve already paid for – have been cancelled: and they keep rescheduling them on Sunday mornings. Seriously? We can’t be the only ones who go to church!? really.
    As for Christmas greed and obscenely gift buried Christmas trees??? I nipped that in the bud as soon as my kids knew to ask Santa for presents. 3 gifts. That’s all they are allowed to put on their lists. (with obvious veto power for really expensive items like Lego Death Star – dear boy child!). My son saw a girls’ list at her parents home when we were visiting, taped to the fridge – a full page with 2 columns of “I wants”, and she had things like iPod, Blackberry, designer clothes, etc. on this list. My son asked outright why he could only pick 3, and she had a whole stinking page!! I hoped the parents were suitable ashamed; except I know she pretty much got the entire list. She was 11 years old.

  2. Well lets see. I hadn’t thought about the being closed on Sunday thing for a while, but you are so right. I remember that too. That was back when Mom had to make sure that she got groceries on Fri or Sat or else there was going to be a wait.

    And the only year that I remember that we got ooodles of gifts for Christmas was the year that the tobacco crop was really good that year. And even then, Mom got all of our gifts from the Goodwill because the money went so much farther. We would each get just ONE new something or other, but the rest was used. But boy were we shocked when we came down the stairs on Christmas morning.

    Thank you for this post, it made me smile. I can’t get you that IPad or Kindle fire, but if you are with Verizon, I might be able to help with the phone. I’m actually “dumbing down” on phones. I’ve ordered a basic phone that should be here by Tuesday at the latest. If you’d be interested in an LG Enlighten, I’d be glad to send you mine with the charger and all. Let me know.

    • Aw thanks! My kids are talking about the phone for me, if that doesn’t pan out I’ll take you up on that!

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