Friday Confessional


I confess… 
I did NOT want to get out of my bed this morning to go do this vendor event with my SwissJust upline.  But I needed the exposure to some of the products and knowledge she has, and she was going to be alone at an event that typically has 17,000 people through it in the course of the weekend so it didn’t seem fair not to go.

I confess… 
I am SO glad that I went to the event.  I did learn a lot and it helped me with my push out of my shy comfort zone.  And it was fun.

I confess… 
I am starting to really look forward to going to school in a few weeks to get my nurse aide certification.  At first I wasn’t but I love old people, and getting to work in the nursing home with them, helping to care for them, is appealing.  Having medical insurance again is a huge plus too.

I confess… 
I am somewhat glad that one of my favorite shows, Blue Bloods, is not on tonight.  I came home with a migraine today and it totally kicked my butt.  I don’t get them often, so when I do, I am always astounded at the amount of energy they drain from my body.

I confess… 
I am about to go re-heat my pumpkin spice coffee for the third time because I keep getting distracted online and forgetting to drink it.


  1. Where are you looking to work? Perhaps Mother Margaret Hall at the Sisters of Charity? I worked there. It’s a wonderful place. I think you would do well there, Miss Marti. Take Care.

  2. Like you new Chief Fun Fairy title up there in the corner!! 🙂

    I wasn’t feeling that great when I first woke up either – not good since it is a PA day, meaning all 3 kids home. We had some shopping planned – our Operation Shoe Boxes had to be filled. The kids had such fun picking out items at the Dollar Store. It definitely lifted my spirits to see them eager to do something kind for another child.
    I have that same problem with coffee some days. Once one kid gets asking me for something, than another takes their place. And then often, I can’t even remember where I set my cup down! Ha

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