Day 14 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

Today I am thankful for forgiveness.

Not from others to me, though that IS very  important.

But the forgiveness I’ve learned to extend to others.

Forgiving others heals us, it is probably more about us than the person we forgive.

It is never easy because we get this idea that by forgiving someone we are saying that what they did to hurt us was acceptable or okay.  That is not true.  And it doesn’t lessen the pain we feel from whatever it was they did or said. But it does help the healing process, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The greatest forgiveness for me was in forgiving what pain I had toward my ex.  In doing so, and praying for him (my way of sending love), and trying to be kind when around him (another way of showing love) I found it not only easier to let things go, but I felt better on all levels.

Do you have someone you need to forgive?  Perhaps all that ‘karma’ in your life is self inflicted? Just a thought

If you have issues of anger, bitterness, hurt etc., if there is any science behind what Amanda Gore shares in this video, let it go.  This is amusing, but serious and well worth 10 minutes of your time.

And to the ex and others…. ZOOT ZOOT ZOOT!!!  🙂