Monday Quiz About Me!

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1. What is your favorite kind of soup?
2. When was the last time you saw snow?
3. What is a must have trait if someone is going to live with you?
4. Who was your favorite James Bond? 

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My Answers:

1.  What is your favorite kind of soup? 
WOW that is a tough one, as I really do not have a favorite.  My ex makes one called Cheese Burger soup, the recipe came from someone we went to church with, and that might possibly be the favorite.  Hmm, in fact I think I will contact the source and see if she still has that recipe, it is to die for delicious, and if she gives it up, I’ll post it!

2.  When is the last time you saw snow? 
Last winter!  This area of the country (southwest Ohio) sees its share of snow in winter.  Not usually a mega bunch like other areas, but we’re good for several decent snow falls each winter.  Personally I’m a fan of it on Christmas Eve after I go to sleep, it can snow several inches, we can wake to a white Christmas, then the crap can melt on December 26th and not return until Christmas Eve the next year.

3.  What is a must have trait if someone is going to live with you? 
A really good sense of humor and playful spirit.  Life is too short to take it all so seriously, and I like to have fun and laugh, a lot!

4.  Who was your favorite James Bond? 
Sean Connery without a doubt! OMG I still think at 82 the man is sexy!

And now for my question for those that happen by my blog to answer in the comments:

5.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure when you take time out for yourself?

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  1. I like to watch TED Talks if they count as a guilty pleasure – pretty boring I know. Thanks for participating in the MQAM. Hope to see you again next week.

  2. My guilty pleasure is a banana split!

    Sisters cooking together with their mom for Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! Enjoy 🙂

  3. I love your snow schedule! But I’d give up the Christmas snow if it was all or nothing. Give me Christmas lights and my holiday spirit is happy!

    My guilty pleasure is a Jamma-Day! All day long in PJs with some nice comfort food for lunch.

  4. Mine is reading…a good book that is…although, i can’t say that I always feel all that guilty about it…lol!

  5. I like going to the salon and having my hair done. I don’t know if that’s a “guilty” pleasure, but sitting there having my scalp massaged and my hair fixed up pretty lifts my spirits.

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