Day 7 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

I am thankful today for all 5 of my senses…and that mysterious 6th one.

I woke to the sounds of my sister getting ready for work, then my mom, before the sounds of my cat purring reached my ear as she made her way up the bed once she knew I was awake.  Though it isn’t as good as it once was, I can hear!

I could smell fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen, and the last traces of lavender oil on my pillow case.  My nose still works!

I could taste that wonderful cup of coffee, and the toasted cheese sandwich that was my breakfast.  And the Almond Joy mini candy bar that followed. Those taste buds are still working!

I can feel the softness of my cat when I’m petting her, and the blanket on my bed that I made that she has now adopted as her own.  I can feel the cool spray of body balm when the hot flashes are in over drive today.  I can feel the rough carpeting under my feet change to cool hard floor as I leave the steps and head into the kitchen.

I can see, even if with the assistance of glasses or contact lenses, my adorable cat stretched out on the blanket on the bed, the sunshine pouring across the land,  the bowl holding the candy bars, all my favorite things in my room as I’m looking about me.

And that mysterious 6th sense, my gut feeling, intuition, better judgement…whatever you want to call it…that ‘red flag’ that gives me cause to stop and use the other 5 senses I have to investigate and double check my surroundings.

So many come through this life without some of these, or lose them throughout the course of their time here on earth.  That I have all of mine and they are working well this morning, for that I am very thankful.