I just stumbled on this post today and wanted to share it. I have many things I am already changing in my life, and this just enforces for me the methods to go about making changes. Enjoy this post from over at To Be Aware.

To Be Aware

Lately, many people ask me after reading my about page or posts like Follow Your Heart – “how do you do that?”. Many people around me are very interested in how I manage to live a full and dynamic life, so here it is.

First of all, life is a game, and I believe that we should all find the ways to enjoy it as much as we can. This being said, we all have many things that need to be changed in order to enjoy this game (Changes are the flow of this game called ‘life’). These changes can be major, like ending a relationship or quitting a job (Doing major changes means that you are about to win this game), can be mediocre like finding a new creative habit (you are defintely winning this game), and can be minor – like going out and play with a friend…

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