Things That Go Fuzzy In The Night

No, not things that go ‘bump’ in the night, though thanks to things going fuzzy there was plenty of bumping going on.  I mean fuzzy, as in my cat’s very favorite toy.  Her Fuzzy.  I don’t know what else to call it other than a fuzzy, as that is what it is, a little fuzzy thing.   She hides it between the wall and the dresser to keep the other cats from getting to it.  So far back in fact that she cannot get to it either.  I have to stick a ruler or hanger back there to retrieve it when she wants it.  Well until the other day, not sure where she had it hidden but it was somewhere under my bed.

During the night, around midnight, I woke up to what felt like demons under the bed.  Pixel was under there digging around for what I later would learn was her Fuzzy.  I drifted off to sleep again only to wake to the bumping noises as she was playing kitty cat soccer with her Fuzzy behind the desk, under the desk, under night stand, under the bed, and on and on.  I got fed up and crawled down on the floor, found Fuzzy and got back in bed.  With Fuzzy clenched in my hand I started to drift off to sleep again.  I felt whiskers, then she licked my fingers, then she started to paw at my fingers in an attempt to get to her Fuzzy.  I guess I fell asleep because later I woke to the bumps in the night…again.

I am a patient woman but this was getting to be a bit much.  Kitty soccer and then she was in the bag with a blanket I’m working on, then out of the bag and I had just about enough again.  I crawled out one more time, this time taking Fuzzy and when I got back in bed, it went under the pillow.  Pixel hunted high and low around the bed until she realized where it was, then she climbed up on my pillows and stared down at me like a furry vulture for a while.  When that didn’t work, she curled up next  to me, never  taking her eyes off me until she fell asleep.  She was still there this morning waiting for me to give  her back her Fuzzy.  Now she is curled up on the bed, sleeping  on the spot on my blanket where Fuzzy is safely hidden underneath so the other cats cannot find it.

I wish I could get that focused on any one area in my life!



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