Day 5 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

I was having a small pity party (okay it wasn’t small and I was pissed and ready to throw something), and feeling like I didn’t have anything to be thankful for today.

See, my car is on the fritz.  In fact at the moment is essentially dead where it is parked in the driveway.  I haven’t been out doing what I need to do on my Avon business so my income is down, in part because the car has been acting up, limiting my comfort in using it at all.  I want to go to school, for 2 weeks, to get certified for a job that I could get easily in many places with that certification. But the car.  I have someone willing to float the money for the school because I’d be employed within days and able to repay.  But the car.  Like my Avon business that could be flourishing, I’m stagnant because of the car.  And I lost a crown that I cannot afford to fix right now, limiting what I can eat.  And I could sit here and whine like crazy but that isn’t being thankful is it?

SO, change of perspective and I’m thankful for/that:

While it is in fact dead at the moment, at least I have a car to fix so that I can go to school, to get certified, to get the job, to pay back the schooling money, to have insurance to get the tooth fixed (and hey, I have teeth to fix which many do not), and while I wait for things to  turn around I’m doing it in a warm house full of people that love me.

Thankful indeed for that car and the morning I have had to remind me that my very imperfect life is still perfectly wonderful!