Day 4 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

A warm, comfortable bed, that is what I’m thankful for today.

Some mornings the hardest task of the day is crawling out from the soft, warm blankets.  I sleep like a brick in it, it is so comfy, cozy, and warm on chilly mornings.  I know there are many around the world who are fortunate to sleep at all, and then it is on hard, cold surfaces, or in ditches fighting wars.  Some would not know such joy as to have a warm blanket let alone soft cotton sheets and a thick, cozy comforter.

I am very aware of the blessing of small simple things, and my bed is one of those seemingly simple pleasures for which I give much thanks!


  1. I’m thankful for the same because we just got power back yesterday from Sandy , and being warm and comfortable has never felt so much better 🙂

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