Monday Quiz About Me

It’s Monday, time for the Monday Quiz About Me meme/hop.   Been a while since I did this one (was Meet Me On Monday), figured it is a good place to get my Monday morning juices flowing.

It’s the HALLOWEEN WEEK edition!

Here are FOUR QUESTIONS that everyone can answer and then you have the option to add a fifth question of your own for those who are visiting your blog to answer in the comment section, along with commenting on the four standard questions you answered!  Click the icon above to go to Acting Balanced and join up!!

And now for this weeks Questions

1. Do you consider Halloween a holiday for children or adults?
2. At what age should children stop trick or treating?
3. What are your plans for Halloween?
4. What frightens you?

Do you consider Halloween a holiday for children or adults? 

I think it is for both!  Different ages enjoy different aspects.  I still enjoy getting dressed up for a night of fun, but then I am rather in touch with my inner child still.  It keeps me young and keeps the magic in life flowing.

At what age should children stop trick or treating?

I think as long as they are respectful, and their costumes are really good (no smearing dirt on your face and calling that a costume), then I have no problem with them going all the way through high school.  Heck I did it!

What are your plans for Halloween?

Well not entirely certain to be honest.  Our first year in this house we pulled out the fire pit and sat outside like my former neighborhood (that street rocked Halloween) but we only had 14 kids.  And our neighbors over here just aren’t all that friendly.  Last year we went down to my brother’s, sat around the fire pit in the driveway, handed out candy and ate pizza.  It was a blast.  Kinda hoping for an invite back! (HINT)

What frightens  you?  

I am terrified of fire, afraid of the dark, terrified of heights, afraid of bad storms.



  1. 1. For kids at heart! 2. When their mustache sticks through their mask. 3. Build a fire, listen to tunes and get my swirl on. Thought about U.S.S. Nightmare. No fun by yourself however. 4. Number 1 on the list: DENTISTS!! Helmet laws and the end of a riding season. Well that depresses me more than feared.


  2. Your old neighborhood sounds like my old neighborhood… and I do truly miss it on Halloween… but that is the only time I miss it 😦
    Hope you get that invite you’re hinting for!

  3. Your old neighbourhood sounds like ours. We all meet and think of it as our last hurrah ubtil the first snowfall when we all meet with our shovels.

  4. Sounds like Halloween in your former neighborhood was fun! We did one Halloween outside in costume to give out candy here and it was a blast, but my hubby doesn’t have Halloween off that often.

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