10 Writers I Love

I am determined to finish the 100 Things I Love over the next week or so, I’ve left it hanging out there entirely too long!

So, 10 writers I love is up next.  As it doesn’t not specify book or blog authors, I’m going with both!  This is by no means an exhaustive list, and keep in mind that most of the things I read are not heavy.  I read for entertainment and to relax, it is one of my guilty pleasures in life.

  1. J.K. Rowling – yep, I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series.  I started reading it back when everyone was having a fit about it because *gasp* it is full of witches, wizards and magic!! You know, church folks (not necessarily my church) were having a field day over it all.  My daughter wanted to read the books so like any good parent I decided to read the books first in case there was something I felt I needed to use as an object lesson.  It’s how I handled a lot of things while home schooling our kids.  I was hooked as soon as I started the series and could not wait for the next one to come out.  Frankly, it is harmless in my mind to enjoy a fantasy of a world where I can jump in the fireplace and land on the west coast.
  2. Jean M. Auel – I fell in love with these books, The Earth Children’s series.  Prehistoric man and her version of the story, centering around a character named Ayla.  I loved the first book, which was also my first introduction to herbal remedies etc. and couldn’t put it down!  While I don’t personally buy into the evolution of apes to men (why is it some apes did not evolve, was there a protest??), it was a great series!
  3. Bodie & Brock Thoene – The Zion Convenant Series was SO good! Historical fiction set during WWII, it was a serious page turner. 9 books in that series.  When my son was in high school studying WWII I got him started reading the series as the history is very well researched and I felt he would gain more that way than just from his history books.  He even loved the series.  I also loved their Galway chronicles series but only got through the first 2 books.  I need to find those in the library and start it again!
  4. Christine Feehan –  I’ve only read the books in her Dark Series but OMG would I love to be the life mate of any one of her male characters of the Carpathian race!  Steamy, racy and seriously great books.  I recommend starting at the beginning with Dark Prince as they do build somewhat on each other.  I once wrote a post, about wanting to be Mikhail Dubrinsky’s mate because I LOVED the words used in the Carpathian binding rituals between life mates.  *heavy sigh*
  5. Lori Wick – She is probably my favorite Christian fiction author.  I love pretty much all of her books, the best by far being Pretense and my second favorite, Bamboo & Lace.
  6. Martini’s Needed – I love this blogger.  She writes from her heart and about real life. Her blog is great and I highly recommend it.  She doesn’t write often but when she does, she is spot on.
  7. Cinful Cinnamon –  Her blog, Cinnamon’s Spicy Life is a personal favorite.  Not because I know her but because in knowing her I know she too writes from her heart and while we don’t always see eye to eye, more often than not she leaves me thinking!
  8. Sandi Kirk – another favorite blogger, she holds down 2 blog pages that I LOVE, Being Peachy, and Sometimes It’s Not Easy Being Peachy. Her sense of humor is off the chains and I am often laughing out loud.
  9. Amy’s Blam – is another outstanding blog!  Amy is hilarious and her life adventures are too funny.  She is the queen of bling too.
  10. Jenny Lawson – better known as The Bloggess, is probably my all time favorite of bloggers.  She has caused me to want to visit the taxidermist and buy up dead, stuffed critters.   And also to appreciate the art of large, metal chickens.  No home should be without one!