Better Living Through…Nature!?

This week I opted in on the Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop and chose option 3 – Tell us something that fascinates  you.

I used to say, “Better living through chemistry”, as in just hand me a glass of wine and this will all be okay.  No wine? Okay a cold beer will do the trick.  Or a shot of whiskey.  Or chocolate, just give me the darn candy bar or cookies and I’ll let everyone live another day.  And of course there is the good old Lexapro because the ex said I was overly emotional and had anger issues.  He is the ONLY person who ever told me this, even my kids now tell me that no I really wasn’t that bad.  But what the heck, I’ve got myself down to 20mg and it probably has kept the body count down while I went through the divorce and these 2+ years after.  My clue that I really don’t need it, for depression or anger is when I go to take it, from the daily pill container, and discover that I haven’t had it in a week.  And no one is saying, “yikes have you had your meds today???”  I was on 40mg but honestly I was border line zombie material so I backed myself down from it.  I think having a full range of emotions is the intent, without slicing throats.  Only one throat I have had any real desire to slash and that one divorced me.  Well okay, the soon-to-be-though-not-soon-enough-former-sister-in-law, but honestly I think it would be better if she suffered.  Sorry, inner voice took over there for just a minute.

Chocolate makes my butt huge, and well so does beer.  Wine is all good but there is that whole  “in moderation” thing, and the risk of a DUI and well that would suck sour grapes really.   Honestly I do not care for taking medication of any kind.  I have grown more and more skeptical of chemicals.  I think modern medicine is amazing, but I think the less drugs we take the better.  Not to mention side effects and those lovely little warning labels that say not to exceed __ number of doses in a specified time period.  That is just dandy but what if my nose is stuffed up and I’m only 3 hours into the 12 hour period of the nasal spray???  Or  it has only been 2 hours and I cannot exceed 4 doses over a 24 hour period of some pill??

Recently my skeptical self encountered essential oils.  100% pure, pharmaceutical grade oils.  I bought into herbal teas after finding success with ailments, then discovered oils.  In struggling with allergies I allowed myself to ‘try’ spraying Eucasol from SwissJust on a tissue and laying it across my face and holy mother of sinus clogs I discovered that my head cleared right out and I could breathe!  I’ve gone through almost every drop of the stuff I have and will be buying more.  And unlike that famous vapor rub, this doesn’t leave greasy stains on anything.  I love it.

Then came Lavender Oil.  My friend had trouble sleeping, suffering from insomnia issues.  She put a few drops in her hands at bed time, cupped them over her nose and inhaled a while, then rubbed her hands on her pillow case and spent her night inhaling the wonderful scent and she SLEPT!  I was in a short struggle with brain scramble, when the ADD just won’t settle down so my mind could shut off and I could sleep, so I tried it.  I again was shocked beyond my skepticism when I found myself sleeping like a downed tree.

The granddaddy of them all is the Body Balm.  I was told to put it in a spray bottle and spray it down my chest and back a pump or two when hot flashes hit, thanks the menopause trying to elbow its unwelcome self into my life.  The primary ingredient is Arnica Extract.  There are 12 secondary ingredients including Edelweiss extract, Chamomile extract and St. John’s Wort extract.  I can tell you that it is said to be awesome for bruises, sprains and stings.  My sister put it on  a blister and it was gone the next day.  And with regards to those hot flashes?  Cue the angels singing and warm light from above, it works!

I have now taken a total fascination into essential oils and aroma therapy.  The Anti Stress Activator has 15 various oils, and 2  drops gently rubbed behind my ears and on the nap of my neck and yes, the Marvelous one is chillaxed.  Mind crystal clear and R-E-L-A-X-E-D.  Fascinated is so understated.  Call it mind over matter, the stuff of witch doctors and snake oil salesman, but I’m here to tell you that it works.  This stuff is essentially amazing!   Should you decide to try out essential oils, be certain they are 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade or they lack the necessary strength to really be effective.