Sniff Sniff Achoo Achoo Blow And Oops!

Usually I do Post-It-Note-Tuesday, but today, I am late even getting to blogging.  Several days late.  Too much going on, and when I had time to write I was seated in front of the 2012 Debate #3.  And that is ALL I am saying as far as politics.  Welcome to my wacky life of late.

My allergies are in full swing.  Actually if truth be told they are in over drive.  Nose running, eyes and nose itching, even the roof of my mouth and my inner ears itch.  I’m rolling through the tissues a box at a time when I am at home.  A walking, breathing, gooey, nasty, snot machine.  Sounds absolutely adorable, doesn’t it?  Yes, far less than feeling sexy, I feel like a commercial for _______ (insert your favorite allergy med).  Sniff sniff, ACCHOOOOOOO!!!!  BLOOOOOOOW.  And it isn’t the pollen, that is low. Nope this is the cats.  All 3 of them.  One of which is mine and has taken again to bedtime love fests of chin scratches and head rubs before she will return to the end of the bed and snuggle up against my leg or my feet, leaving a bunch of  fur and dander.  If I try to pretend I’m sleeping, she sits right on the pillow next to my head and stares down at me like a vulture waiting for the last heart beat of some road kill before it swoops in.  I sneezed so darn hard and so many times rapidly the other day I seriously should have considered shopping for Poise pads.  Lovely, 50 has me in the cross hairs, the AARP will be sending me crap soon, and now I can sneeze and wet my pants, such talent!  Let us not forget the hot flashes but THAT is another topic and I’m not up for that one.  Pass the Geritol if they still make it.  Right about now, my dear biker friend is freaking out on life as women don’t do ‘those’ things, like wet our pants, fart or belch.

Can you tell I’m totally out of touch with my inner diva and goddess today?

I feel so much better now!  Time to go grab my hook, yarn and plant myself in front of NCIS so I can drool over Mark Harmon, then NCIS:LA so I can pant over LL Cool J, and then Sons Of Anarchy when I just might lick the television screen whenever Charlie Hunnam is on it!

Just for you Cowboy!!!


  1. Allergies suck. I’m so glad I don’t suffer much with them. i once had a cat that sat on my head while I slept. She was a tad bit evil too. I think she tried to kill me.

    Can I just tell you that I have dibs on LL. As in, I call him. He’s mine! 😉 What a super nice piece of chocolate he is….Mmmm.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    • LOL okay deal, you can have LL, but I get Charlie!!! OMG prime time TV is awesome of late for the eye candy!

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