A 100% Refundable Candidate!!

There is no way you could miss that it is an election year and that we are coming up on election day!   Both parties are pushing hard to get your vote with lots of promises, and if you are like me you are skeptical about them keeping most of those promises.

Your money and your family are important to you.  Jobs are important to us all.  And  there is something you can do to help the economy, the job market and your wallet:  VOTE TWICE!

Yes VOTE TWICE!  Cast your vote for president, and get out there and campaign  for your candidate.  But cast a second vote, for YOU!

I have a candidate that creates jobs daily for anyone that needs employment.

My candidate knows and IS quality at a very reasonable price.

This candidate is 100% refundable, send it back if you are not satisfied and get your money back!

My candidate is just a phone call away whenever you need something or have a question.  And THIS candidate will have answers.

My candidate? AVON!  Every day new representatives launch their own business, providing secondary income to their families. Some work it full time!

AVON has quality products that I would stand up against any department store brand not only in price but in satisfaction.

Shop from your seat, not your feet!  AVON comes to YOU so you can go green and save gas, not add to the pollution, and do all of your holiday shopping right from home!

Birthday, anniversary, holiday, or “oops I’m sorry” gifts, AVON has it ALL!

Check out the AVON platform at My Avon Store by clicking “shop eBrochure” on the side and look at what AVON has to offer!

Need employment?  Go to START AVON and use the code: martigardner  so YOU can start your very own work at home business!  It is only $10 to start and that is your full kit, free website and FREE training! You start making money right away!

Your vote DOES count!