10 Social Networking Sites/Apps

As part of the 100 Things I Love series, here are 10 social networking sites or apps that I’ve come to really enjoy! If they are underlined it is a link so you can check it out online.

TWITTER – I am very much Twiddicted, I tweet a lot, and follow people that tweet some fun stuff I like.  Some are family, some news, mostly just people that struck me as interesting or amusing.  Twitter is a 140 character mini-blog basically, and it is harmless fun.  Online or as an app, both ways are awesome.

 Foursquare – I love this app.  You ‘check-in’ where you go and earn points, badges and if you check in the most, the Mayorship of the location.  I’ve stolen said Mayorship and had them stolen from me  several times.  It is absolutely pointless other than some places offer food or other specials when you check in or if you are the Mayor and check in.  Harmless fun for us easily amused types. This of course is an app.

Facebook – Facebook is kind of like an ongoing sitcom for me.  Or a never ending newsletter I can read on friends and family.  As busy as everyone seems to be it is one of the best ways to stay in touch with my cousins that I would really talk to otherwise.  Comes in online and app versions.

GetGlue – Another truly pointless site and app, you check-in when you are watching TV and earn stickers (glue).  I have multiple sheets of stickers for various shows and specific episodes of many of those shows…and not sure what I should do with them.  It’s fun to see how many others have checked in to see the same shows, but it is pretty pointless.  Online or app, whichever you prefer.

Pinterest – ERMAHGERD this is totally amazing.  Okay to me it is.  It is a pinboard for things you find online that you like and want to remember where  you saw them.  You categorize your pins to help you find them.  The best thing to do, if you are not familiar, is go look at mine by clicking the link.  I LOVE Pinterest.  I have all kinds of things pinned for crafts I want to do, room decor I like, even a dreamboard.  Online and available as an app for iPhone and Android!

Words With Friends – Available through Facebook online and as a app, it is scrabble against friends on your friend list.  I love it, but tend to forget that I need to go play it.  I’ve had numerous games going at once but I admit, I have a cheat site to help me.

Draw Something – Pictionary with your friends, also a great app, and one of my favorite ways to waste  time when I have nothing else to do.  Which lately isn’t very often.

HEYTELL – Basically it is voice texting.  I love it because I can talk a lot faster than I can type, and sometimes I just like hearing my kids voices rather than reading texts.  Especially useful when driving or busy and cannot type I can speak and send, then listen when the answer comes back. Rather cool if you ask me.

WAZE – I am new  to this one,  but I LIKE it!  Hard really to explain, but it will help you find your WAZE around town, bad traffic, speed traps etc. Best bet is to read the FAQ, as it seems you can find ‘treasures’ and win actual prizes. Go figure.

Texting – Last but not least, texting rocks.  I text a lot between my Avon team, family, friends etc.  Texting is my favorite, and easiest way to communicate with family and friends because calling, while far better, usually finds people busy, or like my brothers out on a fire run, it’s just easier if I text and they can return it when they have time.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, just the ones that come to mind.