10 Restaurants I Love

As part of the 100 Things I Love, here is a list of 10 restaurants that I just love!

  1. Chipotle Mexican Grill – this is the top of the food chain for me.  LOVE this place.  My all time favorite dish is the steak bowl, with white rice, black beans, corn salsa and cheese.  It must be eaten with chips, and a plastic fork.  Not sure why the plastic fork, it is an OCD thing with me, I cannot ever eat it with a metal fork for some reason. Go figure.  I cannot live anywhere that does not have a Chipotle.
  2. Holy Grail – West – LOVE this place!  Great place to catch any sport on TV, eat awesome food and drink a few cold ones. Love the atmosphere.  I prefer to sit outside on the patio so needless to say it is a favorite in the nice weather.  LOVE me some Goebel’s Reuben Wontons!
  3. Price Hill Chili – You cannot live on the west side of Cincinnati and not eat here.  If you move to the west side, you cannot be an official west sider (the best side of the city by the way) until you’ve had your first meal here.  They have way many more things to eat than chili.  Every political candidate that rolls through our town has to eat here, famous people come to town and eat here. Go figure.  It is THE place to run into someone you know, so it is not recommended if you are having an affair on your significant other.
  4. Dancing Wasabi – I only just became a sushi lover this year, thanks to my daughter.  OMG this is amazing. LOVE the atmosphere and the food.  She has me hooked on sushi now!
  5. Drew’s On The River – Nothing beats a few cold ones and whatever sounds yummy to eat while watching the river traffic or a live band.  Another great place to be outside when the weather is nice. Nothing fancy, just a fun place.
  6. Skyline Chili – If you are going to be in Cincinnati, the best chili ever is Skyline.  It is a Cincinnati thing and it is GOOD stuff.  4-way bean for me.  What that means to those unfamiliar, spaghetti noodles with the chili, beans and cheese.  Only way to eat it in my opinion.  Skip the onions, rude to talk after you have eaten it with onions.  Besides that would be a 5-way if you add onions and I’m trying to watch my hour glass figure.
  7. Sebastian’s is next on the list.  Simply the very best Gyros around, ever!  Trust me I have had them all over, and no one makes a gyro this good, that simple!
  8. Plaza Vallarta here in my township is the best Mexican around. Love this place, the chips and salsa are great and the service is pretty impressive.  My favorite place when I have a hankering for some steak fajitas.
  9. Nicholson’s Tavern & Pub – “Cincinnati’s First and Finest Gastropub” is amazing!  More upscale than the other places I love to eat, you’d want to go business casual, or at the least your best dress jeans.  I’ve seen  my fair share of kilts and bagpipes in there as well.  The food is amazing.
  10. White Castle – Not something I want often, as you can feel it clogging every major blood vessel and you will burp up the flavor the rest of the day, but they (sliders) are SO good.  I hear that they are awesome for a hangover too,  not that I would have any experience in that area.

That pretty much rounds out my favorite places to eat.  My top 10 anyway, as far as home town munching!