Flagger Ahead!

I’m a tad OCD.  Okay maybe more than a tad.  Order is important to me, certain things need to be a certain way.  Not everything, I don’t organize my clothes closet by color, season, and item.  But when a sign tells me something, like “hot surface” or “fresh paint” then that is what I expect to find.

So, I was driving along today, minding my own darn business and that of my sister, as she was in the car with me, when we came up on a bend in the road.   A sign had been placed on the side of the road that said “Flagger Ahead”.  I slowed down as it isn’t worth the pedestrian kill score stick figure for my back window, I don’t have time for that hassle today as I am in route to my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, for yarn to begin my next hooker project.  I slowed way the heck down, as many of these flaggers do not stand out like they should, despite their flashy, neon reflective vests and hard hats.  And do you know what we saw????? NO FLAGGER!  NONE!  Not a single person around in fact.  Just another sign, that said “Rough Road Ahead” and that it was, very rough, as someone had dug up the asphalt.  But NO flagger to be found.  In fact not a single worker in sight.  This is very distressing to someone with OCD, I kept waiting for the flagger to jump out of no where with his ‘STOP’ sign, then I’d accidentally hit him and that would start that nasty mess with the local law enforcers and well you know no one wants  that.

Then, on down the road, while still minding mine and my baby sister’s business, was another sign coming up on yet another work zone on the road, that said ‘CAUTION MEN WORKING’.  And again, NO one around! Not a single man or woman for that matter, to be seen, working or otherwise.  Just  lots of orange flexible fencing around a large hole in the road, lots of heavy equipment, but no men.  No one working, sleeping, sipping Long Island Iced Teas…just NO one.  My eye began to twitch after that.  Where are they?  The sign warns us, we slow down…and nothing.  Talk about a let down.  Heck, we live for the eye candy!

Speaking of eye candy, Delhi’s resident shirtless mowing, young fire fighter hottie was no where to be seen either.  Darn the luck.

My OCD is all static like now because of the let down in that nothing was where it was supposed to be or doing what it was to be doing as per the signs.